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- the effects of indoor door lock manufacturers how to face the off-season Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-29
Off-season and busy season in many industries, in today's serious product homogeneity, indoor door lock industry also experienced a development bottleneck, at the time of peak season at every manufacturer, ramping up production, strive for more orders, busy trying. With the matching is off-season, indoor door lock manufacturers face a decline in orders, rising costs, how to break the effects of the off-season? This is the answer to all want to know a lot of manufacturer.     Indoor door lock industry belongs to the very traditional industry, the market is saturated state, which leads to meet the off-season when manufacturers lack of customers, the lack of orders and revenue dropped significantly. Payment cycle is long, especially engineering order, collection speed is slow, it is easy to cause capital chain tension, so vicious circle, in severe cases may even go bankrupt.     In the face of such difficult situation, indoor door lock manufacturers develop their hard power, seek breakthrough. In the off-season, manufacturer can take advantage of the peak season of the accumulated data, make a market research, found in the sales data, customer needs what product, what kind of style, what style, etc. Consumer research clearly, and then make a detailed assessment of rival, the same indoor door lock, where is the core advantages, enemy and know yourself, in order to win more customers.     Indoor door lock manufacturers in the face of the arrival of the off-season, opportunity to take the initiative to mining, concentrate advantage, service customers. Using the off season time, improve the image of the company and to carry out all-round training service, improve employees' comprehensive ability.
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