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The era of smart family is coming, why not choose a smart door lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
Door locks have been an important tool for guarding family property since ancient times. Now with the development of science and technology and the advent of the era of smart families, the traditional mechanical door locks that have lasted for thousands of years can no longer meet the growing needs of people, so the intelligent door locks came into being. Strangely, so far, compared with the development of smart locks in the civil lock market in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, China's smart locks account for only 3% of the civil market, however, smart locks in developed countries in Europe and the United States account for more than 50% of the civil lock market, while those in Japan and South Korea account for more than 70%. WeChat and Alipay let us say goodbye to the day of going out with a wallet, but we have to bring the key to go out, so why is the smart door lock that does not need the key not popular in China? First, the awareness of using smart locks in China has not yet been popularized. Look at the relatives and friends around us, few people will choose to install smart door locks. We often complain that every time we go out to the house to find the key, go home and go through the bag and find that we forgot to bring the key. We often hear such a conversation: Have you seen my key? 'When will you get home? I forgot to bring my key. ' It wastes a lot of time and energy and brings bad mood. However, we still choose to ignore it, or we have not thought about using a smart lock that abandons the key. It is this kind of unconsciousness' Let us ignore the existence of smart locks and reduce the popularity of smart door locks. Second, most people think that smart door locks are unsafe. Many people's impression of smart door locks is that users can unlock them with fingerprints and passwords. If you persuade him to install a smart door lock, conservative people will immediately enter the alert state. They think the password will be peeped and the fingerprint will be cloned. Yes, the past smart door lock is really easy to be cracked, but the smart lock has experienced several years of technological update and development, and there is no need to worry about security. Take Shenzhen Yilian Intelligence Co. , Ltd (Referred to as Yilian intelligence) For the smart door lock, the anti-peeping password design is added. The user can enter the interference number before and after the correct password without affecting the unlocking, which can avoid the embarrassment of the friend, it can also avoid the risk of being peeped by malicious people. Even if you accidentally see several numbers, you will not be maliciously stolen. And if a non-user tries to unlock more than 3 times with the wrong password, the system will automatically lock. In movies, we often see beautiful female spies opening the door lock by getting close to or cloning the boss's fingerprint, while the intelligent lock produced by Yilian intelligent uses the living fingerprint authentication technology, the cloned fingerprint cannot be authenticated by the system and cannot be identified at all. In addition, Yilian intelligence also pioneered the monitoring and unlocking interconnection mode, which can realize real-time monitoring. After the user unlocks, the camera will automatically track the entry position, capture a photo and a video and send it to the user's mobile phone. The user can view the situation at home anytime, anywhere, or view the unlocking record at any time through the mobile APP. When the door lock is pried, the user's mobile phone APP will receive a remote reminder. If it is really a thief, it can immediately call the police. In the future, the Internet of Things and Internet technology will be applied to all aspects of smart families, and the construction process of smart families and smart cities is unstoppable. In smart family life, smart door lock is not only the guarantee of family property safety, but also the first entrance of smart family and an important experience of smart family life. Home, as the harbor where everyone's mind lives, is something that people should take care of. Make it a smart, safe and warm shelter, starting with the purchase of a billion-dollar smart door lock.
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