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The era of unlocking the door with a mobile phone is safer and more convenient for life

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-24
The electronic lock opened by the mobile phone when the smart phone becomes an essential intimate partner of human beings, all this will probably change dramatically. Citigroup analyst Jim · Suva and his colleague Asia as early as November 2014 · Machat discussed such topics in a public report. They believe that intelligent equipment manufacturers must develop a huge new business, namely physical security-- Locks and keys made of steel and iron-- It will be replaced by an electronic lock opened by the user's smartphone. To this end, Apple co-founder Steve · Wozniak also used an Apple phone as a key to enter and leave a locked hotel room. In fact, at least since 2010, Apple has been developing related key systems. And another technology giant Google is also focusing on developing daily contacts'People do business twice. According to Google CEO Larry · Page said that Google has been looking for wonderful and intuitive services and technologies, which have an incredible effect on people so that they can use them twice a day, just like users use toothbrushes. In fact, not many objects are used twice a day. However, people use the door lock at least eight times a day. You must meet the door lock when you enter or leave your home, car, garage, office and even many public places, what a wonderful and intuitive experience it would be if you could have a link conversation with them! ' To solve many problems, have you stood at the door many times, but found that you can't find the key? Are you hanging a heavy shopping bag with your hands many times, I can't wait for a sesame door'Can you snap the door lock? Are you visiting friends many times, friends can't enter your house first, you can only squat at your door and you are anxious like an ant on a hot pot? These embarrassing problems related to door locks can be solved by smart locks. According to David, CEO of Wellpros International, which developed smart locks · Li and co-founder Steven · Liu introduced that the intelligent door lock can realize touch unlocking'Or mobile phone control'User rights management'Real-Time View'Remote authorization'Intelligent alarm'And other functions-- Take out your mobile phone and you can unlock your mobile phone APP, match and unlock it with Bluetooth at close range, and authorize your friend remotely. He can make tea and wait for you at your home leisurely, and with the administrator's authority, you can authorize other members of the family to authorize the mobile phone or cancel the authorization. This smart door lock called wpekey also provides attendance management and a very intimate real-time view of the door lock status function. Whenever and wherever, authorized mobile phones can check who is in and out through the mobile APP, let the Enterprise try to punch in attendance on behalf of colleagues' If you have no hiding place, you can also report or check the door lock status at any time. You don't have to worry about going out without locking the door. You can also see when family members with keys will go home. This will make it easier for parents to know whether their children are safe to get home. The safety performance is also very high. Of course, the most fundamental demand of locks is safety, and intelligent door locks are no exception. When you use a password to open the door, this type of smart door lock needs to identify the real password in any code input combination, so there is no need to worry about password leakage. It also has a security protection intelligent warning function, when the door lock is disassembled by any external force, the speed response mechanism will be turned on, the door lock will alarm at the first time, and push the alarm message to the APP to notify the main mobile phone and the authorized mobile phone, triggering the one-button alarm help function, avoid infringement of family property. When the smart lock battery is used up, the mobile power charging interface can also be used to supply power to the lock. Compared with the traditional key unlocking, the advantage of the smart lock is that it does not need to carry the key, or it can easily change the password, and does not need to change the lock directly or reinstall the key. Compared with traditional door locks or combination locks, the key function of smart door locks is to open the door directly through mobile phones through Bluetooth and other technologies with the help of smart phones and supporting applications. At present, Google has entered the market through the $3. 2 billion acquisition of Nest, and Apple has already started selling door lock systems and mobile phones that control door locks. It is predicted that this business will develop faster than mobile payment applications and is expected to develop into an industry worth as much as 3. 5 billion US dollars by 2019. Today, Apple and Google are both paying attention to this market and are seriously considering specific actions in the future, while China's smart companies are also actively laying out this field. There is no doubt that the door lock is facing changes, and more convenient application products will bring wonderful experiences to consumers.
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