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The fingerprint lock has been written into the elementary school textbooks, and science and technology start from the baby

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-04
'Fingerprint locks are so expensive, are there many people who buy them?' 'Will installing fingerprint locks be too conspicuous to be targeted by thieves?' 'Is it difficult to operate fingerprint locks? Can the elderly and children also use fingerprint locks?' ..... Through the above questions, it shows that the popularity of fingerprint locks in my country is still in its infancy. Most consumers' knowledge of fingerprint locks is still blank. Today, Fuyu once again popularizes the knowledge of fingerprint locks: What is a fingerprint lock? Fingerprint lock refers to an improved smart lock that is different from traditional mechanical locks. It is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. It is more intelligent and convenient in terms of user safety, identification and management. Modified locks. Will fingerprint locks replace traditional mechanical locks one day? Has it become the mainstream household lock in the market? In 2017, Hubei Education Publishing House included the fingerprint lock into the second-grade Chinese textbook of elementary school. The 21st lesson of the textbook was titled 'Not Afraid of Losing Keys' to popularize the knowledge of fingerprint locks to elementary school students. Oops, Lan Lan lost the key. How can I go home without the key! Dad said, holding Lanlan's right hand in the palm of his hand, blowing out like a trick, then let go, pinched a finger of Lanlan and said: 'Hey, here is the key!' Dad pulled Lanlan. Coming to the gate: 'Look, this is a computer identification lock, also called a'fingerprint lock'. It uses fingerprints as a key.' How do you open this lock? 'Then, how do I get in?' 'Lan Lan is in a hurry. Lan Lan half-believedly stretched out his right thumb and pressed it on the glass ball, and the lock tongue retracted silently. When he let go, the lock tongue stretched out again. Really! Two: City The knowledge of fingerprint locks is popular in TV series. Now more and more TV series protagonists will implant fingerprint locks in their homes. The first time I learned about fingerprint locks, I also saw it from the home of professors in 'You from the StarI bought a fingerprint lock after this TV series, because the fingerprint lock is a symbol of the taste of modern life, and it does bring a lot of convenience to daily life. Take the pain point of not having to bring a key, it is already attractive enough .3: Consumption upgrade, the popularization and application of smart home and artificial intelligence concepts. At present, the population of China's middle class has reached 200 million. These groups need high-quality and high-tech products to meet the needs of daily life. Fingerprint locks are used as the entrance type of smart homes. Products will inevitably become one of the inevitable choices for the middle class to upgrade their consumption. Four: Fingerprint locks are becoming more and more powerful, experience and security are getting better and better, and prices tend to be civilians. As the market for fingerprint locks increases , More and more big-name companies and capital enter the fingerprint lock industry. The fingerprint lock industry has developed rapidly in recent years. There have been great improvements in both technical and user experience perspectives. The entire industry is becoming prosperous and healthy. The most important thing is fingerprints. Locks are no longer affordable only by nobles. The diversification of products can meet the needs of different groups of consumers. The price can be selected from hundreds of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. At present, the performance of fingerprint locks with more than 1,000 yuan can be very stable, so Ordinary families can fully afford it. Based on the above viewpoints, the popularity of fingerprint locks will be just around the corner, and the first home door locks in the family will surely replace traditional mechanical locks in the future.

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