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The first NB - IoT skynet interconnected listed accelerated layout objects al ecological intelligence door lock |

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-08
China intelligent life industry union takes the lead in response to national policy, called NB - IoT chip module manufacturers, network operators and application vendors such as leading brand in Beijing held a 'NB - smart home industry Peak BBS 'IoT application promotion. Conference, large coffee around intelligent household industry how to quickly access the NB - IoT, intelligent household NB - IoT commercial solutions and professional problem such as intelligent household new ecological construction has carried on the deep discussion. At the same time, the first NB - Skynet interconnection is listed on smart door locks, IoT technology to the industry, provides the reference in promoting the NB - IoT in the era of Internet of things in the field of smart home fast fall to the ground at the same time, also will bring the best scenario for the user experience, the new ecological construction network. With the advent of wisdom city, big data, wireless communication technology will achieve everything connected. Now has been a lot of content and content of connection, bluetooth, WiFi, etc. , but are unable to connect to the embarrassing situation of bluetooth is distance too far, WiFi network coverage has covered blind area, configuration complexity, poor stability, poor security shortcomings, will be accompanied by corresponding poor user experience. As of 3 GPP NB - open technology standards IoT technology, its coverage is wider, reception rate is stronger, equipment connection rate can reach 100%, significantly enriched the user access, can bring about more rich application scenarios, in intelligent home appliance application scenario highlights is especially apparent. Current technology is not mature, smart door lock industry correlation is not strong and so on, will the NB - IoT technologies on skynet smart door locks, to provide users with stable 'always online' the wisdom of experience. It not only can be solved by wifi network power consumption is high, the coverage is small, can't connect the network situation, also will make the traditional cumbersome APP download wifi control mode, and many other steps to simplify, make smart door lock through the network operators to achieve more stable and convenient configuration connection. At the same time, in order to carry NB - IoT technology of skynet connected smart door lock as the breakthrough point, the user can also pass the smart door lock access NB - other smart products IoT network, connected home security, entertainment, life all intelligent life scenes, network, build series al household scenario, realize the remote control of smart home products, security alarm, running state monitoring, etc. , such as curtain automatically open, security systems such as automatic protection, home lighting, machine will automatically open. Relevant head said in NB - IoT technology, the implementation of the smart home Internet of things 'entrance' layout, greatly extend the life cycle of the user consumption. Based on the needs of users, with NB - IoT technology of intelligent door locks also spawned many value-added services, such as the linkage of community property, security, etc to build community intelligence door lock system, community security, etc. , creating comfortable and convenient for the user community life new experience. Every technological change, bringing industry technology upgrade at the same time, also bound to be a whole industry change. The development of the industry in the past, the smart door lock is only an ordinary household hardware products, as most intelligent two words to show its difference with traditional locks. However, the use of NB IoT technology of skynet connected smart door locks, not only makes skynet connected smart door lock head start in the industry, becoming the core of household objects united layout, also broke the current smart door lock industry pattern, animating the whole industry success interconnectivity construction pace, leading the industry transformation and upgrading of various enterprises, and makes the traditional industry is turning to a new development track. Therefore, have reason to believe that as the industry connectivity technology shackles broken, the wisdom of more ideal life will really be within reach.
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