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The first smart door lock guide is about to start writing

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-17
In March this year, Beijing billion speed code Data Processing Co. , Ltd. and the National Intelligent Building and residential area digital Standardization Technical Committee (Hereinafter referred to as the national wisdom Standard Committee')With the bank card Testing Center (Hereinafter referred to as the silver inspection center') Set up a national joint laboratory for safety testing of intelligent door locks in Shenzhen'And signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The three parties jointly carry out the formulation of standards and specifications, control measures, safety requirements, testing plans, etc. related to the safety performance of intelligent door locks, we will jointly promote the research on testing methods of emerging technologies such as the safety testing direction of smart home products and share research results. According to the 2017 White Paper on the application and development of smart locks in China, the retail market of smart locks in China shipped 1. 8 million units in 2016, accounting for 50% of the total market; In 2017, it reached 3. 5 million sets. The safety performance of the intelligent door lock directly affects the family safety and property safety of the common people. However, the current intelligent door lock market is still in chaos and there is an urgent need for unified standards to guide manufacturers. Through the formulation of a unified standard and quality inspection system, the intelligent door lock industry has been effectively guided, thus rectifying the chaos in the industry, guiding the sustainable and sound development of the industry and steadily moving towards maturity. In order to improve the safety technology level of intelligent door locks and standardize the healthy development of the industry, the 'digital technology application of intelligent door lock safety technology in buildings and residential areas' (Guidelines)The participating units have now completed the solicitation. After research, the preparation kick-off meeting is scheduled to be held in Beijing on June 8, 2018. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
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