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The 'Guangzhou lock Expo' has a warm response and a grand occasion!

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-18
2011-12- 29 Source: Hyundai lock industry website Browse: 671 comment: 0 Core tip: 2012 second international lock industry (Guangzhou)Expo Fair (Guangzhou lock Expo) It will be held ceremoniously in Guangzhou Jinhan Convention and Exhibition Center from April 16-18, 2012. At the same time, the 2012 First National lock dealer conference and other meetings are now being closely organized. ★Enterprises actively signed up and 100 enterprises received participation subsidies 2012 the second international lock industry (Guangzhou)Expo Fair (Guangzhou lock Expo) Under the strong support of relevant government departments at all levels and the careful operation of members of the organizing committee, all parties in the lockset industry actively signed up for participation. As of December 15, there have been from Samsung Group, DESSMANN, Ever Net Corp, Miz Engineerin, booil safes, UK Micro, Taiwan Huibo International Co. , Ltd. , Taiwan richun International, Zhongshan City escort anti-theft Equipment Co. , Ltd (Yue Ma Suo) , Shenzhen changen Industrial Co. , Ltd. , Zhongshan Mingfeng Hardware Products Co. , Ltd. , Guangdong Mingmen lock Industry Co. , Ltd. , Shenzhen Yongsheng Century Fingerprint Technology Co. , Ltd. , Shenzhen kangxintai Electronics Co. , Ltd. , Jiangsu Danyang Jingbei hardware tools Co. , Ltd. , Shenzhen Tianfang Technology Co. , Ltd. , Dongguan suo'an Industrial Co. , Ltd. , Shanghai Lingfeng lock Industry Co. , Ltd. , Shanghai Hanwei Trading Co. , Ltd. , Guangzhou cube Security Technology Co. , Ltd. , Jiangmen city Pengjiang district du Ruan lanlang metal electronic products factory, Maoming Maonan Tianbao lock factory, Wenzhou huayili hardware decoration Co. , Ltd. , Dongguan owl lock Industry Co. , Ltd. , Guangxi Beihai Shengan times Technology Co. , Ltd. , Kunshan Zhaoxin Technology Co. , Ltd. , Guangzhou Yuyue Industrial Equipment Installation Co. , Ltd. company, Hunan Hongda Technology Co. , Ltd (King Arthur) , Shanghai Weidi Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. , Xi'an langtong Technology Development Co. , Ltd. , Dongguan weisa Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. , Jieyang xiongda hardware tools factory, Huizhou Huiyou Hardware Co. , Ltd. , Wenzhou Yushang hardware products factory, beijing ju'an chuangxiang e-commerce Co. , Ltd. , Zhongshan Xiaolan town Yu'an electronic hardware products factory, Zhongshan Junan Digital Technology Co. , Ltd. , Guangzhou bodyguard safety Metal Products Co. , Ltd. , Shanghai Seiko Technology Co. , Ltd. , Jieyang city, Guangdong province lock industry, Zhongjun lock factory, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong province, Guangzhou Yusheng Digital Products Co. , Ltd. , Dongguan Yifeng lock Industry Co. , Ltd. , Shenzhen yilock Technology Co. , Ltd. , Huamei (Taishan) More than one hundred well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as hardware Products Co. , Ltd. and Yantai Yixing lock making Equipment Co. , Ltd. signed up for the exhibition and received government subsidies, the exhibits cover electronic door locks, fingerprint locks, spherical door locks, handle door locks, padlocks, ferrule door locks, various car locks and lock-making equipment, etc. , which will show the latest products and technologies of the lock industry for all participants. ★The association has helped and created a lock industry event. Since its operation, the Guangzhou lock Expo has successively received the Asian Building Technology Alliance Association, the Australian locksmith Association, the Hong Kong locksmith society, and the Ningbo Daxie Development Zone safe deposit box (Cabinet) Strong support from industry associations, Guangdong-Hong Kong Economic and trade cooperation and exchange Promotion Association, Guangdong dealer Chamber of Commerce and other relevant associations at home and abroad. A few days ago, the organizing committee of Guangzhou suobo fair signed an agreement with Wenzhou hardware Chamber of Commerce and reached a strategic partner. The Chamber of Commerce will organize its members to participate in this exhibition, publicize and promote it in a unified way, and launch the international brand of China's suodu, expand the global influence of China lock. The joining of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce is the support and affirmation of Guangzhou lock Expo, and we will work harder to serve the industry. ★The exhibition combines and complements each other. The 2012 first National lock dealer conference will be held in conjunction with the Guangzhou lock fair on April 16, 2012. It will gather outstanding dealers, purchasers, locksmiths, experts and scholars from all over the country, it provides an excellent platform for lock manufacturers to expand their distributors. At the same time, the award ceremony for outstanding dealers and the welcome dinner for sharing dealer night will also be held. As of mid-December, more than 200 locks, door industry and other related dealers and agents have signed up for the conference. ★The buyer's organization work of the customer service department of the organizing committee, which actively participated in the country and received enthusiastic international response, is progressing smoothly. As of mid-December, it has received representatives from the government, real estate development and engineering companies, domestic and foreign distribution agents, building materials markets, doors (Window) Manufacturers, decoration companies, patent holders, media and other 11241 professional audiences have made appointments to visit and purchase, of which nearly are international buyers, showing a high degree of international attention, strong foreign demand, and active domestic participation, the solid organization of high-end audiences will ensure the effectiveness of exhibitors. ★The quality is rising and the grand occasion can be expected. With its strong propaganda lineup, professional operation mode and strong support from the government and associations, it is estimated that there will be more than 300 well-known lockset enterprises participating in the exhibition, and more than 30000 purchasers from more than 50 countries will purchase at the meeting, with grand scale and high quality. The most noteworthy event in the lockset industry in 2012 is undoubtedly the holding of the Guangzhou lock Expo. Let's look forward to it together! Label: Guangzhou lock Expo Han Wei trade Yue Ma lock Chang en industry
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