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The heart, in fact, the most need smart door lock is them

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-18
About the intelligent lock, this is the heart of 2018 movies, watch cried countless children! We grew up, mother is old, I was a child, she always asked: keys away, don't lost; Today, mother, like a child, forgetfulness has become a commonplace things, forgot to take the key was to lock the door, already didn't know how many times happened. As the growth of the mother age, memory is becoming more and more poor, even to go out every day to remind her, put the key away, however, forgot to take my keys or lost keys, or sometimes happens. At first, maybe she will give you a call, but the time is long, more times, she fears affect your things, also afraid of being scolded you, have to waiting alone. The sun faded glory, when night came, a stooped waist or aged, or pacing back and forth in the neighbourhood, or at the yellow light look to light up the lamp has been gradually under the floor, and the home is hesitated to light up. Lonely, anxious, upset, maybe is her mood at the moment. Human children to see this scene, all sad, cry secretly. Mother is old, she is the only rely on, is a licensed children's home. If, this home she will not go to, that she left with? In order to not to let the world mother was rejected for the key, then give them to a lock smart!
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