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The hotel intelligent anti-theft lock in the face of emergency?

by:FUYU lock     2020-06-23

The hotel intelligent anti-theft lock in the face of emergency? Whether the hotel smart door lock clock calibration will directly affect the use of the key card, therefore, we should check periodically ( Along with the data card collection) , otherwise should be timely calibration, the method is the same as setting the clock. Turn off the power supply repair locks, if more than 10 minutes, should be started setting locks clock repaired. Replace the battery when the battery runs out to voltage alarm, it will be pierced all CARDS, and buzzer will beep sound, four consecutive show that voltage is not enough, and the door can still be open about 200 times. At this point, should replace the battery in time. Note: always use alkaline batteries. Mechanical spare keys to unlock if you cannot unlock key IC card ( Door lock failure or battery die) , if mechanical keyhole bare, mechanical spare keys can be used to unlock the lock, the first to use special tools to remove the lock cover, and then use the mechanical key to open the lock. Note: after open the door, should be timely repair locks. Protection and innovative use of clean dry cloth or paper test time, please do not use water, alcohol or other chemicals to clean the shell. If the lock and handle the surface scratches, can replace article decoration and handle. For core oil lubricant hotel smart door lock lock if it is not sensitive or fail to adhere to in the right direction, you can add lubricant to lock as follows: remove the side trim and use oil gun to lock it. To lock in fuel injection ( Note: cannot be to motor fuel injection) , at the same time, with the hand scroll handles and knobs, until the door lock is sensitive to stop ( Note: do not spray too much oil, simply lock core induction) 。
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