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The industry is not standardized, Haikou unlock

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-24
Unlocking is something that ordinary people often encounter, but everyone is worried about whether the lock master they find is professional, licensed, registered with the Public Security Bureau and registered with the industry and commerce, etc. Recently, Haikou Public Security Bureau, human resources and Social Security Bureau, industrial and commercial administration of Haikou jointly took action to carry out an in-depth rectification of the lock opening industry in Haikou. This time, the rectification action of the unlocking industry mainly carried out a comprehensive rectification of the unlocking industry in Haikou City. According to the police, after a period of investigation, Haikou currently has more than 200 keyless locks, of which only a small proportion are registered. This action is led by Haikou human resources and Social Security Bureau, which is responsible for strengthening the management of technical training in lock repair industry and investigating and punishing the institutions that carry out technical training in unlock industry without approval of human resources and social security department. The Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce will strictly examine and approve the license of the business unit (individual) for unlocking, ban the unlicensed business of the unlocking industry in the whole city according to law, and apply for the business license of the business unit (individual) for applying for the business license only after it is registered by the local public security organ and issued with the certificate of qualification examination. At the same time, Haikou City should establish a star rating mechanism for the unlocking industry, evaluate the owners of the unlocking industry who are honest, high skilled, good service, safe and reliable as star owners, and publish announcements on the Internet and the media. According to reports, while Haikou citizens meet the needs of unlocking, they also often bring some security risks. Some unlocking personnel do not carefully check the identity of the unlocking personnel, and the irregular unlocking industry, resulting in the theft of individual households. The reporter received a report from users in the past two days. Some companies only provide one-time service to unlock the door. After receiving the money, they will not continue to provide the door-to-door service, resulting in a lot of troubles for users. Even some lock companies sell inferior products as good ones, raise prices, and make users pay high prices, but buy cheap products. In this regard, we hope that Haikou lock industry self-discipline, to maintain a good reputation of the industry. If users are not satisfied with the unlocking service, they can call the consumer complaint hotline 12315 to complain. Haikou City a lock company, at present, some of the informal lock shop for the benefit of the public security industry and Commerce and other departments under the guise of the record to solicit business, and sky high prices. Because people don't know about the industry, they can only be slaughtered by others. Therefore, only by standardizing the market of Haikou lock industry can we make the order of lock industry have a virtuous circle.
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