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The ingenuity of the lock is stable and the Taishan | the head of the door to bring new products to the Guangzhou construction fair, open the door of urban safety!

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-04
July 8, 2018 20th session, China (Guangzhou)International Architectural Decoration Expo (Hereinafter referred to as China Construction Expo)Held in Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. As the largest international exhibition in Asia's architectural decoration industry with the richest themes and the widest influence, it has attracted more than 2000 domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in the exhibition, which is the highest in all previous years. Head of the door ( Booth No. : 5A90, Hall 5, international procurement center) With a variety of popular products shining at the Guangzhou construction fair, to create a leading brand of smart locks with ingenuity! As an earlier group of manufacturers engaged in the research and development and production of intelligent locks, the head glass door fingerprint lock and the household fingerprint lock have beautiful appearance and stable performance, and have been recognized and loved by consumers. Since its establishment, leader Suo has kept improving and pursued excellence and innovation in intelligent lock related technologies. He has obtained 32 patents for invention, appearance and utility model; Leader Suo has developed more than 100 brand agents and more than 1000 distributors nationwide, and was named the top ten smart lock brands in Guangdong province in 2017. In this exhibition, the head of the door is locked with ingenuity, and it is stable' As the theme, it has brought safe and advanced smart lock star products to the audience--Glass door smart lock door B02. At the exhibition site, the founder of the brand, Mr. Lan Feipeng, introduced to the reporter that this glass door smart lock door B02 bid farewell to the traditional glass door smart lock can not be equipped with mechanical keys, greatly improving the stability and applicability of the product, at the same time, the exclusive and more advanced wireless data transmission function also makes attendance easier and faster, and the remote temporary password function of WeChat applet, the first push on the smart glass door lock, does not need to download another APP to make the mobile phone cleaner'. Finally, the product also has incomparable cost-effective advantages, far exceeding other glass door intelligent locks, which can be said to lead the direction of glass door intelligent lock industry in the future. Mr. Lan Feipeng told reporters that in the next few years, the main breakthrough direction of the head of the door is the two aspects of the glass door smart lock and the household fingerprint lock. The glass door smart lock is mainly to deepen the functional features and strengthen the system integration, to achieve the goal of ultimately replacing the traditional access control system; Household fingerprint locks will be down-to-earth, focus on quality, maintain excellent stability, and give customers the safest and most comfortable experience. Mr. Lan Feipeng said that the head of the company will not forget the original heart, uphold the ingenuity, maintain passion, persist in progress, bring better products and services to the majority of smart lock consumers, and create innovative security products!
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