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The intelligent door lock has rich functions to meet the new needs of users

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-31
No matter when, safety is the focus of everyone's attention. Enjoying smart life is also realized on the basis of safety, and smart door locks are considered as an important entrance to smart home security in the industry, and have gradually become the focus of attention in the innovative application field of the internet of things. The intelligent door lock can not only solve the problem of unlocking across time and space, but also monitor the status of the door lock anytime and anywhere, and make corresponding safety measures and feedback. The functions are various and concentrated in four aspects: convenient experience, biometric unlocking: Compared with traditional door locks and intelligent door lock era, for users, the trouble of forgetting to bring keys will not exist. As long as you unlock the door lock through your physical characteristics, the convenience brought by such user experience is naturally self-evident. Especially for the elderly at home, biometric identification is far more reliable than remembering to carry keys and back passwords. Button remote unlocking: through the remote control button, the door lock is opened within a certain distance. It is consistent with the automatic unlocking function of the car. It is more intelligent and can meet the needs of different groups of people. For example, in the company, the boss of the company can lock the door of the office. When the subordinate knocks on the door, he can open the door directly by pressing the door opening button without going to the door, and can also prevent visitors who enter rashly. If it is a mechanical lock, in order to facilitate the entry of employees, the boss generally does not lock the door, which also facilitates the intruder. If the door is locked, it is very inconvenient for the boss to get up and open the door from time to time when the employee wants to report his work. This work can just solve this problem. Voice Operation Prompt: in the process of using, start the voice function, guide the user to open the door, let the user know whether the operation of each step is correct, and prompt the user for the next operation. This function is very practical for the elderly or children, so that they can be handy in the operation process, reducing their rejection of high-tech products because they do not understand the operation. Scene extension remote control door opening: This function is connected to the Internet, and the door lock can be controlled by mobile phone anywhere in the world to further enhance the intelligence of fingerprint lock. Based on the convenient user experience, the popularity of smart door locks can even realize remote unlocking. Assuming that parents and children cannot enter the door when you are not at home, you are checking the situation, it is also a very convenient experience to open the door remotely through the network. In addition, users don't have to worry about children opening doors to strangers at will, because you can keep abreast of the situation near the door from the remote end and remotely control the locking of the door lock. Timely stop-loss and anti-skid alarm function for unexpected situations: of course, as a door lock, even a traditional door lock cannot guarantee 100% safety, if the door is pried or violently opened, users can also receive notification at the first time through the network connection function of the intelligent door lock, give an alarm in time, and save losses at the first time, which is simply unmatched by the traditional door lock. Information Security, independent information management: manages all user information and can freely add/modify/delete user information. It is very useful to manage users' user rights. Users can freely authorize, allow or block the entry of certain people. This function is more practical for users with nannies or tenants at home. When nannies or tenants move away, they can immediately delete their fingerprints so that they cannot open the door without the right to use them. On the contrary, if there are new nannies and tenants, they can enter their fingerprints at any time so that they can open the door freely. Virtual password: multiple or multiple sets of garbled codes can be added before and after the correct password. As long as there are consecutive correct passwords in this set of data, the fingerprint lock can be opened. To prevent passwords from being peeped, according to the person in charge of the marketing center of lovendi: China currently has about 0. 6 billion Gates, the life of a lock is about 10 years, and more than 50 million locks need to be replaced every year. This is more promising than the mobile phone industry that has entered the stock market competition. ' Moreover, with the awakening of user consciousness and the change of consumption concept, users' demand for intelligent security products is also increasing, and the market penetration rate of intelligent door locks is increasing year by year. According to the estimated data of industry statistics agencies, the next 5- Within 10 years, the total demand for smart door locks in China will exceed 30 million sets, and the total value of the industry will also exceed 100 billion yuan. Under optimistic circumstances, it is estimated that the total demand for smart door locks in China will reach about 32 million by 2020. Conclusion: under various conditions, intelligent door locks, as high-tech security products, in addition to technological upgrading and market cultivation, rely on their unique characteristics on the premise of reassuring users, the process service method is used to solve the pain points of consumers in the process of product service, to meet the brand-new needs of users with high-quality experience, and to better make up for the shortcomings of traditional security products. ( According to Xinmin network, one lock core, mobile phone China, Sina fashion, fangtianxia, China Building Materials Network information collation, China Security Exhibition network editor and release)
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