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The King of unlocking turned out to be blind

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-21
The Unlocking industry is a special industry. Locksmiths engaged in this industry must not only have clever unlocking skills, but also abide by professional ethics and at the same time stand up to their peers'Suppress' And the temptation of criminals, they have little known ups and downs. Speaking of the unlocking master, we must mention it'Blind unlocking King'-Master Tan Yongchun. Master Tan has been engaged in the lock industry for more than 30 years. Universal unlocking tools, two key copying machines, a tool cabinet, a file, a hammer and a saw blade are all his tools. Years of experience have enabled him to know the performance, principle and structure of various locks like the palm of his hand. Under normal circumstances, ordinary locks can be opened within one minute. Nowadays, the lock industry is developing too fast, showing the chip keys of automobiles. They need to read codes and eyes, as well as laser locks, fingerprint locks and so on. There are more and more new keys. He is worried, it will make his decades of unlocking useless. When the master was 5 years old, he was blind due to measles. When he was a child, there were no toys at home. Several locks without keys became his childhood toys. After playing, he explored the disassembly and assembly, I gradually became interested in the lock and developed an unlocking skill. At present, master Tan is also calling the police with 110 while unlocking and assigning keys. He said that it is their duty to make more contributions to the society, because you posted illegal information in NetEase photo album, your account was blocked. Others cannot access your album while it is blocked. Help Center to learn how to restore services.
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