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The list of 20 finalists of 'top ten brands of Chinese lock cylinder' is newly released

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-19
2013-11- 01 Source: Hyundai lock industry website Browse: 422 comment: 0 Core tip: 'Responsibility •Brand • The '2013 China good lock cylinder selection campaign' with the theme of 'influence' and the purpose of 'promoting industry development' has come to an end at 24: 00 on October 31 after fierce voting competition, the top 20 list is fresh. It will also be comprehensively evaluated in combination with market research and spot checks, product technical standards and quality, brand promotion and promotion efforts, corporate social responsibility, and online voting rankings (Declaration)Will enter the final 10 strong check phase. As a result, the top 10 were finally selected. For any product, users have the right to speak in the market. Because only products that are widely recognized by users can survive in the consumer market for a long time. The same is true for lock cylinder products that are gradually emerging in the market. The core of the lock cylinder, which is prominent in the safety and theft prevention of the door lock, has become a key accessory for good locks in China and still lacks awareness. In order to publicize and promote lock cylinder products on a large scale and improve the market's confidence in good lock cylinder, lock cylinder enterprises committed to long-term development establish brands for enterprises by providing satisfactory products and services to users, establish an image for the industry. The top ten brands of China's lock cylinder are supported by the China Hardware Products Association. The lock-making branch of the China Hardware Products Association, the China Daily hardware technology development center and the modern lock industry network jointly hold activities that have attracted much attention. Since the event entered the stage of online selection, it has received enthusiastic attention and active participation from the majority of netizens. On October 31, after several months of brand display, the long-awaited top 20 list was finally announced, and the three-month online selection phase of the event was also over. Next, China's top ten high-quality lock cylinder brands will enter the expert review stage with the most gold content. For details, please continue to pay attention to the relevant reports of the modern lock industry network. The following is a list of the top 20 brands that have successfully advanced to China's top ten quality lock cylinders (Ranking in no particular order) : Meribao, oumeilun, bodyguard, golden point atom, Jiawei, Jixin, Zhongheng, Jiaheng, meijiale, yuema, Denette, Guli, jusen, Chenxu, CEI, transcendence, baodean, xiaojinren, Sanlian, jiadobao. At present, the top 20 of the 2013 China good lock cylinder selection has been settled, and the top ten selection has entered a more cruel peak stage. Who can stand out from many similar enterprises? Who will be the most influential company? Who will eventually walk on the red carpet? This will be a more rigorous knockout, everything is still unknown, and the final result will be announced one by one at the awards ceremony. On November 25, let's gather at the aifudun Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai to share the splendor and glory of the award ceremony! >>> The second National lock dealer conference topic>>> Label: top ten lock cylinders in China top ten brands of good lock cylinders in China
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