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The lock core is an important level of security doors

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-10
Lock is an important level of security door, no matter how many burglary-resisting door lock, door how strong, as long as the lock is opened, the door will open. It is reported that the police through the burglary both situation analysis, the vast majority of doors and Windows in good condition, the home was stolen, is the low level, because security locks with master key and tin foil lock, security door will be opened in a short amount of time. Thus promoting residents to replace super B ( C) Level lock engineering, replaced the low-level locking to prevent high with difficulty, can largely prevent technical unlock B ( C) Lock. We have learned, most consumer is in when buying a security doors, only pay attention to the thickness of door plank, style, but ignores the core component of security doors - - - - - - - The lock core. And businesses to reduce costs, the use of A common grade lock, lock as A word, cross lock, crescent lock, etc. , this kind of lock security level is low, mutual opening rate is high, anti-theft performance is poor, the biggest hidden danger is not anti-theft security doors. Thieves using A master key, tinfoil tools and A few seconds, A few seconds, you can open any door of door of guard against theft that use normal lock core, is now A level lock of households, the best replacement of one of the best grade C lock anti-theft performance. Specialized in lock master, said the market sale lock are divided into class A and class B and class B, class C lock. Grade A lock key, mainly is A key word, cross key, takes the grooves and sawtooth shape change, or A single row ball groove, mutual opening rate is higher. B class lock key is equipped with double row ball groove. The super class B and class C lock keys for the blade shape, increased the irregular curve or graphics on the surface of the key. The super class B and class C lock anti-theft effect is best
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