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The low price competition in the lock industry

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-22
In the industry, we often hear customers say that you need to open a lock for 200?? Last time I opened 100, can't I open 100? I believe that most locksmiths refuse to change locks at a low price if I don't want to open them. Some of the masters cut their prices without a bottom line, which eventually disrupted the market. They starved their peers, exhausted themselves and killed the whole locksmith industry. Tired to death: the price of opening a burglar proof door lock is within the normal range of 50-150, but in fact, some lockmakers do business for 50, 30, or even less! Received the order, of course, happy, every day, day and night in a hot hurry to unlock the lock, every day busy row to next week or even longer. Behind this seemingly good business, is such a life really easy? By the end of the year, once the accounts are settled, except for the wages, rent, water and electricity, marketing, network and telephone charges of the workers, alas, after a year's hard work, there will be only three melons and two dates left. It's not as good as working for others to earn more. Why bother? In recent years, more and more locksmith complain that low price competition has disturbed the normal industry order. 'No matter what kind of service, there will always be lower prices. No matter how low the price given by the downstream users, there will always be someone to take the order. From the perspective of service, such price can not guarantee the quality of service at all. If they can do it, 'in the long run, the healthy development of lock industry will be threatened, and the service influence of lock industry will also decline. 2 those who starve to death for peer service, and there are 50 customers in the same area who need to unlock the lock. If one family has 10 customers at a low price, the remaining four have only 40 opportunities, and those who can't receive the order will starve to death directly. In the long run, the market will be disrupted. How to guarantee? Do the master is to do conscience, we would rather explain the price!
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