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The 'Mad thief' lock failed to prevent the thief owner from arguing that he was stunned on the spot

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-18
2011-01- 08 Source: Shijiazhuang news network author: Shang Yanhua Browse: 156 comments: 0 Core tip: 'Angry thief' lock failed to prevent thief owners from asking for statements was dizzy on the spot, this newspaper (Reporter Shang Yanhua) In order to prevent the bicycle from being stolen, Ms. Liu spent tens of dollars to buy a car lock for the bicycle. She thought that the thief could not open the lock again. Who knows, the bicycle is still lost. Ms. Liu went to the lock shop to discuss that she was not stunned. Fortunately, the police at the Ning'an Road Police Station rescued the danger in time. At the beginning of December, Ms. Liu spent more than 900 yuan to buy a giant bicycle for her daughter. For safety reasons, she went to a lock store in Beixin Street to add a lock to the bicycle. According to the clerk, the lock could not be opened by the thief. Ms. Liu thought that this would be double insurance. Unexpectedly, on Christmas Eve on December 24, my daughter lost her bicycle when she went out with her classmates at night. Clearly promised, but now the car is still stolen. The more Ms. Liu thought about it, the more angry she decided to find the lock shop theory. Yesterday morning, Ms. Liu took her daughter to the lock shop. When she explained her purpose to the store owner and asked for compensation, the store owner did not agree. The words of the two sides were inconsistent and there was a fierce quarrel. When Ms. Liu was in a hurry, she was angry and fainted in the lock shop. The police of the Ning'an Road police station patrolled the place and rescued Ms. Liu in time. For the disputes between the two sides, under the persuasion of the police, the two sides indicated that they would calm down and negotiate. Here, the police also hope that the merchants should not exaggerate the publicity of the goods, so as not to mislead consumers or cause unnecessary disputes.
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