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The market popular hand lock - what are the model Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-28
Currently on the market in the sale of hand lock not less than 1000 kinds of style, can find all sorts of modelling, a lot of friends in the choice of hand lock when don't know you choose good style, choose to choose to go to the flower. What are the market popular hand lock design? Do you want to know? Fu yu hardware today small make up take you to meet more hands to welcome a few on the market, hope you can find the suitable for you.     Hold hand lock according to whether the handle is connected to a panel can be divided into fission lock and one lock, fission lock appearance concise and easy, by the young consumer groups like; One lock modelling is rich, more style, high market penetration.     Market popular fission of hand lock: black minimalist fission of hand lock & emsp;   Market popular one hand lock: black straight handle contracted one hand lock, titanium black curved handle Jane Europe on the one hand lock four hand lock in sales as high as millions of the retail market, very popular with the market, and the price is not high also, match door stopper, hinge total price between 100 to 200, such as high cost performance. Fu yu hardware manufacturing sales indoor door hand lock for 21 years, has rich experience, various styles, welcome to have a friend feel free to contact us anytime.
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