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The meaning of automatic intelligent lock and semi-automatic intelligent lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-04

The first category: choose electric automatic intelligent door lock body. As the name suggests, this is placed inside the motor in a lock body within the automatic intelligent lock, only need to verify the fingerprint when opening the door, orders will take the initiative to withdraw after the lock tongue; Close, only need the fork on the lock body tongue and guide bar after touching, master lock will take the initiative to stretch out the tongue, and is locked. The second category: choose the automatic intelligent lock lock body. In locks the lock body with a trigger device, close the door when just touch touch the tongue and the door, the lock tongue will pop up actively, ultimately achieve active lock's intentions. But the strict sense, the smart lock can be in a narrow sense of 'fully automatic intelligent lock', because when I opened the door still need to press the handle to open the door, after validation of fingerprint is not truly automatic. Third class: fully automatic intelligent lock of motor placed in the front and back panel. This kind of intelligent lock can be choose at present most automatic intelligent lock type, it is both open and closed by motor to drive the lock core, by lock dial again head to control lock lock tongue body stretch and shrink, ultimately achieve open and close the door. When I opened the door, users only need to verify the fingerprint, the lock tongue will take the initiative to retract; When closed, mostly through infrared or gyroscope orientation to motor commands, eventually offered her master lock tongue is locked. End in simple terms, the fingerprint recognition or password after you don't have to press the handle directly open the door, and close the door when you don't have to lift the handle locks the initiative is fully automatic intelligent lock, on the other hand, the test also need to press the handle in the future, is the semi-automatic smart lock.
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