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The method of changing lock and the function of

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-23
The main function of the lock cylinder is to transmit the torque from the head, so as to drive other parts of the lock to unlock and lock. The head structure of the lock cylinder of the padlock drawer lock and the bicycle lock is different, and the way of transmitting the torque is different, but the function is the same. How to change the lock cylinder 1. Find Hainan master Huang lock company to change the lock cylinder, and call Hainan master Huang lock company or lock company. 2. Eight steps: 1. Screw down two screws on the upper and lower part of the handle panel; 2. Screw off the screws on both sides of the lock cylinder sleeve; 3. Remove the lock cylinder anti-theft sleeve; 4. Remove the old lock cylinder; 5. Install the handle after the lock cylinder anti-theft shell is installed in Hedong District; 6. Install the inside and outside handle, the outside handle * * is pressed and held; 7. Adjust the inside and outside handle, the screw hole should be aligned with the nut on the other side, and the light should be accurate After that, turn the screw; 8. Insert the screw and tighten it. Hainan master Huang lock company is committed to installation, one month replacement three months maintenance
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