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The networked visual intercom system has become an intelligent terminal

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-20
It goes without saying that the most basic function of the visual intercom system is to realize the dialogue and unlocking functions between visitors and residents, so as to block illegal intruders out of the door, the networked visual intercom system is more powerful. After the system is connected to the Internet, the property management center can realize the indoor call function between the management machine and the owner, the call and door opening function between the door machine and the management machine through the management machine or the computer system, as well as the call and door opening functions of the wall machine and the management machine. In order to improve the intelligent management level of the community, the networked visual intercom system is more integrated with the community property management system, most manufacturers have added access control, alarm, information release, image storage, patrol, remote meter reading, home appliance control and other functions to the original intercom function; With the rapid development of digital technology, information release technology, mobile phone short message release technology and photo message technology are also widely used in the emerging networked intercom system. Although the functions of the visual intercom system are more and more abundant, throughout the entire visual intercom market, the products with anti-theft alarm and information release functions are currently most commonly used. Anti-theft alarm, it is quite common to integrate the anti-theft alarm function into the visual intercom system. After the visual intercom extension is connected with various probes, the system has the family security function. For example, the newly launched quasi-network information release system of Guangzhou anjubao Technology Co. , Ltd. can carry out fire, gas leakage and infrared detection, and prevent people from entering the room through windows. When the alarm is triggered, the management center will issue an audible and visual prompt and an electronic map will pop up. However, many people in the industry hold a more inclusive attitude towards the integration of alarm functions in visual intercom. They believe that for the visual intercom system, it is necessary to establish a stable networking platform, otherwise it will be difficult to reliably realize other networking functions, such as alarm functions. The more functions, the more complex the system is, and the probability of failure is greatly improved. In order to ensure the stability of the system operation, at present, the Shanghai area clearly requires that the alarm and intercom systems must be designed separately and routed independently. This regulation is also based on the actual use of the current situation. Information release information release technology is a hot technology in building intercom system in recent years. Through the use of this technology, the current visual intercom system has gradually evolved into a community information release and management center. For example, Shenzhen Matsumoto intelligence has taken the lead in introducing a practical intercom system that can realize community public information, household short messages, mobile phone short messages and photo messages, expanding the functions of the traditional intercom system. The data Community system of anjubao has more information interaction functions, which can receive community announcements and users' Internet messages through indoor extensions; The management center can also provide users with domestic information inquiry and three-meter reading inquiry; Through the Internet, telephone and mobile phone short messages, the protection status and electrical control status can be queried. Many manufacturers said that information release technology has a very practical significance for residential property management, and it provides a good platform for timely communication between residents and managers. For 'fool-like' operation, the functions of the visual intercom system are indeed becoming more and more abundant, but the increase in functions has also caused troubles for users and managers, as a result, many people are at a loss when facing the product. In view of the above phenomena, many manufacturers have put forward the concepts of 'The simpler the product, the better', 'fool-like operation' and 'touch control. Han Weining, president of siyate Asia Pacific region, believes that 'the more' fools 'the products designed, the smarter the things will be. Visual intercom should be a product that fools can use '. Therefore, syat requires that the video intercom product should have such a performance: as long as one presses it, it can be operated, instead of entering a lot of numbers and so on. Han Weining also said that siyate will probably launch a touch screen video intercom product with voice prompts: users can operate according to voice prompts. When the voice prompts: please press the room number, you will press the XX room, and then the intercom system will prompt you: are you sure it is this room? Then, according to its prompt, the operation will be carried out step by step. At the end of the day, the visitor will be able to hear the host's dialogue and realize the intercom function. Through this conversational and interactive way, humanized and intelligent operation can be truly realized. It is understood that many manufacturers in the market have already introduced some products such as touch screens and intelligence, such as Aifeng in Japan and huiruitong in Shenzhen. To sum up, we can find such a development trend: the continuous enrichment of functions and the increasingly intelligent operation mode make the application of visual intercom system in China gradually evolve into a home intelligent terminal. In response, Yu Yongbo, deputy general manager of the intelligent building division of Shenzhen Shide 'an Technology Co. , Ltd. , said, 'future products will integrate more technologies, in addition to the existing information release, anti-theft alarm, access control, three-meter copy and other functions, there may be many new features that we are not expecting now, as long as you can think of the functions that customers need, they may be integrated in the future. 'In fact, new products combining image identification, fingerprint identification and other technologies have emerged in the market at present. The emergence of these products has verified the overall trend of diversified development of visual intercom functions.
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