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The penetration rate of smart locks in China is less than 20%. Why?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-03
Door locks have been an important tool for guarding family property since ancient times. Now with the development of science and technology and the advent of the era of smart families, the traditional mechanical door locks that have lasted for thousands of years can no longer meet the growing needs of people, so the intelligent door locks came into being. In recent years, the smart lock market has been expanding. Recently, a foreign Research company named HNY Research released the latest global smart lock market Research report. According to the report, the global smart lock market in 2017 was 12. US $0. 4 billion, the market size will reach 26. By 2023. US $0. 1 billion, with an annual compound growth rate of 13. 26%. On May 26, the 9th China International Door Industry Expo kicked off ceremoniously in Yongkang International Convention and Exhibition Center. This is an annual high-standard door industry event, and it is also an expo focusing on intelligent products such as smart locks and smart homes nationwide. A total of 927 enterprises from Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hebei, Shanghai, the United States, South Korea and other countries and regions participated in the fair. Among them, the number of smart lock enterprises has been increasing compared with previous years, successfully accounting for about 6% of a professional door exhibition, which is the highlight and trend of this door fair. Thanks to the strong promotion of the smart home industry by the state, as an entrance product of smart home, the smart door lock market has grown at an alarming rate in recent years. According to the 2017 White Paper on application and development of smart locks in China, by 2020, the market size of the entire smart door lock will reach more than 32 million units, the market will reach levels, and the industry will enter a blowout period. However, at present, the retention rate of the entire smart lock market is only 3%. At present, the brand competition of nearly 3000 smart lock enterprises in China has become white-hot. Who will win the head brand of the industry first', It means who will win this market. Judging from the market performance in the past two years, the smart lock market is developing rapidly at an almost 100% growth rate every year, but we still have a big gap from other countries. At present, the penetration rate of smart door locks in the Chinese market is far lower than that in the international market. According to relevant data, the market penetration rate of smart door locks in China was only 3% in 2017, however, this figure is 40% in Japan and 80% in foreign countries. At present, the penetration rate is so low that the penetration rate of domestic smart locks is less than 20%. Why? First, there is no awareness of using smart locks. You can often hear conversations like this. Have you seen my key? 'Help me find the key' Although the key is small, the time and energy spent on it are quite a lot. If you can't find it, it will bring anxious bad emotions, however, we still selectively forget or never think that there is an intelligent, safe lock in the world that does not require a key to open the door. It is this kind of unconsciousness' Let's ignore the existence of smart locks and slow down the popularity of smart locks. Second, there is resistance to smart locks, believing that technology will bring potential safety hazards. Many people have the greatest impression of smart locks that smart locks can be unlocked by fingerprints and passwords. If you persuade him to install smart locks, conservative people will immediately enter a state of alert. They believe that passwords will be peeped by bad people and fingerprints will be deciphered by bad people. However, the smart lock has experienced several years of development. It has long been different from the past. The simple password unlocking is replaced by the floating security code, that is, the virtual password. Before entering the password, you need to enter two digits randomly before entering the correct password, even if others occasionally peep at a few numbers, they can't use them. Conclusion: The wine is also afraid of the deep alley. In the process of promoting the development of smart locks, manufacturers should not only provide high quality and low price Smart Lock products, but also play the role of propagandists. The penetration rate of smart locks is low and should be the propagandist of smart lock manufacturers'First of all, overcome the difficulties. This article is from the network. If there is any infringement, please contact and delete it.
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