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The popularity of smart home promotes the rapid development of smart lock market

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
According to a foreign research report, due to the progress of 4G, 5G and other technologies and the soaring demand for infrastructure in smart cities, the global smart door lock market is expected to increase significantly by 2024. Because there are many different smart lock brands in different regions of the world, the global smart lock market is relatively scattered. Those leading smart lock brands have invested huge investments to ensure their products take the lead in the market. According to Transparency Market Research (TMR) According to the report, the global smart lock market in 2015 was about 2. $26. 7 billion. It is expected that the future smart lock market will be 18. The double-digit compound growth rate of 30% is developing rapidly. By the end of 2024, the market size will reach 10. $0. 1 billion. North America will continue to dominate the market. The report describes the growth prospects of smart lock markets in different regions such as South America, North America, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and Europe. The report shows that the global smart lock market is currently dominated by developed regions in Europe and North America. North America accounts for about 33. 5% of the global smart lock market. 6%. However, with the development of technology and the large-scale popularization and application of smart locks, the price of smart locks will become cheaper and cheaper, which is conducive to the popularization and application of developing countries such as India, Japan, South Korea and China, so as to promote the development of the smart lock market in the Asia-Pacific region. The popularization of smart home promotes the development of smart locks. The rising crime rate and technological progress in the world are also promoting the growth of the smart lock market. In addition, the popularity of smart home products and the unprecedented popularity of smart phones in the past few years have been promoting the development of the smart lock market. At the same time, the improvement of telecommunications broadband mobile communications and the reduction of costs have also promoted the application of intelligent products, such as remote monitoring. The popularization and application of various smart home products, including temperature controllers, have played a positive role in promoting the smart lock market. The user can remotely control the smart lock through the smart phone. Moreover, the lock can be automatically unlocked by touch or close-range sensing, and the comfort and convenience of the operation experience have greatly promoted the development of intelligent locks.
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