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The potential of the fingerprint lock market can erupt, and development is not a fable

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
It is understood that fingerprint lock is an intelligent lock with human fingerprint as its identification carrier and means. It is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. Fingerprint Lock is generally composed of electronic identification and control and mechanical linkage system. The uniqueness and non-replicability of fingerprints determine that fingerprint lock is the safest lock type among all locks at present. Fingerprint Lock, as a derivative of access control identification, relies on the development of biometric technology and has gradually emerged into more families abroad. For our domestic market, the popularity of fingerprint locks is far less than its reputation. However, for the security market, fingerprint locks still have explosive market potential. Let's analyze the market prospect of fingerprint lock. There are many manufacturers of fingerprint locks in China, but there is a lack of well-known brand products. Compared with the recent exposure of the US Keylock fingerprint lock, the fingerprint lock of the domestic own brand can be said to be unknown. The only recent rise is the putaisheng fingerprint lock. Of course, there are very few brands that can be called. Because fingerprint lock belongs to high-tech products, the main working principle includes fingerprint identification algorithm and fingerprint acquisition technology in addition to automatic identification technology. This also provides a direction for our state-owned brand independent research and development. Secondly, the national requirements for the informatization and intelligence of the security system are constantly improving. The entrance guard system has gone through the metal key to the entrance guard IC card today, and then to the fingerprint lock now, which exactly reflects the requirements of technological progress and intelligent informatization. The biggest characteristic of fingerprint lock security is to use the uniqueness of fingerprint as a biological feature to ensure security to the greatest extent. Third, the demand for fingerprint locks by a special group with a large elderly population. I believe everyone has experienced it. The old man around him went downstairs to throw garbage and forgot to bring the door card or key; The result of the security door's diplomatic utilities is that the wind blows the security door back. These scenes are all familiar. The emergence of fingerprint locks will prevent these phenomena, and the elderly will no longer have to be annoyed by forgetting to bring a door card or key. Although fingerprint lock is still a new thing, from the above three-point market prospect analysis, the future can be said to be full of opportunities. However, in the face of this huge industrial blue sea, security enterprises should calmly analyze its existing problems. First, the recognition degree needs to be improved. At present, some people's fingerprints are often rejected. This problem is the main barrier to the promotion of fingerprint identification products. The combination of fingerprint identification and IC card identification is currently a solution to this problem. Secondly, the installation cost is too high. It is understood that the price of an ordinary fingerprint lock is 1500- Between 4000 yuan, the price of fingerprint locks suitable for villas will be higher, which is much more expensive than several Access Control IC cards plus card readers. Third, independent research and development still needs efforts. Domestic fingerprint lock enterprises mainly focus on assembly and system integration, and their independent research and development is still a minority, lacking core technologies. This is also a major problem restricting the development of fingerprint locks in our country and a key to reducing costs. If you want to open the domestic market with its own fingerprint lock, crossing technical barriers is the top priority. The fourth after-sales service system needs to be improved urgently. Fingerprint Lock is not a simple relationship between a key and a lock, but a result of high technology, which covers chips, biometric technologies, etc, therefore, users need a process in understanding and using it, so there can be no shortage of perfect after-sales service. It is a good thing for fingerprint locks to see these problems soon after the emergence of new creatures. When a new market field that can drive development appears in each industry, how to calmly face its own problems and find ways to solve them is the way for security enterprises to develop. Fingerprint Lock is the product of high and new technology, and it is also the product of people's increasing demand for safe life. The author really hopes that it can overcome various barriers and go smoothly, it has brought another wave of development to security enterprises.
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