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The “rejection rate” and the “recognition rate” of fingerprint locks are clearly understood and don’t suffer! -Media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-02
Two days ago, a buddy held a fingerprint lock manual and said that there are two data that I really don’t understand. Below, the editor of Fuyu Smart Lock will give you an answer-what is the 'rejection rate' and 'false recognition rate'. For these two words, I believe many friends are unfamiliar. What is the relationship between the two? What changes will it bring to our fingerprint locks? Many users who buy smart locks know to buy good quality smart locks. If you distinguish between the 'rejection rate' and 'false recognition rate... Rejection rate: also called rejection rate, the same fingerprint is recognized as a different probability by the algorithm, that is, the real fingerprint image is mistaken for a fake fingerprint. False recognition rate: also called false recognition rate. Different fingerprints have the same probability of being recognized by the algorithm, that is, the fake fingerprint image is recognized as real. To put it simply, the rejection rate means that the user’s real fingerprint cannot be identified, and the false recognition rate means the false or non-user fingerprint is mistaken as a real fingerprint. The false rejection rate and the false recognition rate of the fingerprint recognition of the smart lock are important indicators for evaluating the quality of the fingerprint head of the fingerprint lock. The false rejection rate and the false recognition rate directly affect the response time of the fingerprint lock and the accuracy of fingerprint recognition. Affect the user experience and the security performance of the fingerprint lock. The standards for the rejection rate and the false admission rate previously issued by the Ministry of Public Security are: the rejection rate should be ≤3%, and the false admission rate should be ≤0.001%. According to relevant standards, the security level of smart locks for household entrance doors should be level 3, that is, rejection rate <0.1% and false recognition rate u003d <0.001%. There is a trade-off between 'rejection rate and false recognition rate'. At the same level, if the rejection rate is high, the false recognition rate is low, and vice versa. This is an inverse relationship. But if the craft and technical level improve, these two indexes can be lowered. With the spirit of striving for perfection and the industry-leading ultra-high technology and technology, Fuyu Smart Lock controls the false rejection rate within 0.01% and the false recognition rate within 0.001%, striving to provide users with the most convenient and comfortable experience. Provide higher security protection for the family. The content of this article is edited and published by Fuyu Smart Lock. More questions can be inquired
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