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The smart lock in Ode to Joy 2 shows up again. Why do more and more people like it?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-15
2017-06- 03 Source: China security exhibition network Browse: 156 comment: 0 Core tip: where is the 'intelligence' of smart locks? Why do more and more people like it? The rapid development of smart home directly drives the pace of smart lock. Many public opinions believe that smart lock is one of the breakthroughs and foothold of smart home. At the same time, the unique hardness and softness of the smart lock itself has laid the foundation for the smart lock boom. Therefore, it can also be said that this lock will fire. In Ode to Joy 2, the smart lock and the double-faced face lock are the basic security needs of every family and the last precaution of private space. The necessity is beyond doubt. With the further increase of commercial housing and high-grade residential buildings, intelligent locks have been favored by the public with the concept of safety and convenience. The community is becoming more and more open, burglary incidents are frequent and people's safety awareness is strengthened. The strong demand and real pain points of intelligent locks are also undoubtedly reflected. The biggest difference between smart lock and traditional lock lies in its soft demand, that is, the soft demand that benefits enterprises. As a product with a very long service life, the user will be sensitive to the security level of the intelligent security equipment and the networked information, and the viscosity is extremely strong. This just constitutes a huge commercial market for smart locks. Recently, in 'Ode to Joy 2', Andy's smart lock showed up again! According to the statistics of China smart home industry alliance, the shipment of smart locks in China has reached 3 million last year. In addition, China's high-end lock market is currently growing at a high speed of more than 20% per year. The curious baby has to ask again, where is the smart lock? Compared with the traditional door lock, the intelligent door lock does not need a key, coupled with high-tech gimmicks, has aroused widespread public concern since its birth. Today, I will carefully tell you about the advantages of intelligent locks over traditional mechanical locks. It is safer. Compared with the traditional mechanical lock, the biggest characteristic of the intelligent door lock is that it abandons the key, the design of the door lock, and the traditional key becomes the password, door card, mobile phone, etc. Most mechanical locks are vulnerable to skilled locksmiths. However, the intelligent door lock is very safe because it uses a different structure from the traditional lock. In addition to demolishing the circuit system, the general thief has no way to start with this kind of high technology. The more convenient intelligent lock is not only the same as the physical lock cylinder, but also better than the convenience. The intelligent lock is different from the general mechanical lock and has an automatic electronic induction locking system. It will automatically sense that when the door is closed, the system will automatically lock. The smart lock can open the door lock through fingerprint, touch screen and card. Generally, it is inconvenient to use functions such as password/fingerprint registration, especially for the elderly and children, and for those who forget to bring their keys when they go out and always suspect that the door is unlocked, it's a big savior. After all, sometimes you can open the door with your fingers. Individual smart locks can turn on its unique voice prompt function, making it easier and easier for users to operate. The more fashionable and traditional mechanical locks do not pay special attention to the appearance. For the intelligent lock, not only the safety is not affected, but also the appearance design is more suitable for people's taste, and even creates an intelligent lock with the same intelligent feeling as Apple. There is no doubt that smart locks will become both fashionable and practical. The interactive intelligent door lock has built-in embedded processor and intelligent monitoring, and has the ability to communicate and interact with tenants at any time. It can actively report the situation of TV visitors on that day. On the other hand, visitors can even remotely control the smart door lock to open the door for visiting guests. At present, some smart locks already have the function of controlling the door lock through the mobile phone APP, and the interaction is very powerful. Label: Smart Lock
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