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The smart lock industry war has begun in 2019, and the thousand yuan lock may become the main battlefield

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-17
In 2019, what kind of development trend will the lock' target='_blank'>smart lock industry present? Faced with the future development of the smart lock industry, no one can accurately predict, but from everything that has just been experienced in 2018, the development trend in 2019 can be seen to some extent . 1. Continue to maintain rapid growth in 2019. According to the '2018 China Smart Lock Industry White Paper' released by the National Lock Information Center a few days ago, the production and sales volume in the first 11 months of 2018 has exceeded 12 million sets. It is expected that the production and sales volume in 2018 will be It is a foregone conclusion that the annual output value of the whole industry will exceed 10 billion between 13-15 million sets. From the perspective of growth rate, the compound growth rate in the past three years has exceeded 70%, which can be said to be very gratifying; from the perspective of the number of companies, the entire industry is expected to involve more than 2,000 companies involved in smart lock production, Ru0026D, and sales. There are many participating companies, and the industry is currently in a state of oversupply. At this rate of development, the market growth rate in 2019 is bound to exceed 50%. This means that in 2019, the production and sales volume of China's smart lock industry will be between 19-22 million sets, and the output value will reach about 15 billion. However, production and sales may be more concentrated on the TOP20 brands, and smaller brands and small companies will get even less share. 2. Reshuffle is a disaster that companies can’t hide. In 2018, about 15 million sets of production and sales, and 10 billion production values u200bu200bwere distributed to more than 2,000 companies. On average, each company’s production and sales volume was less than 10,000 sets. The annual output value of this company is around 5 million. In the actual survey of 'Door Lock WorldIt can be seen that more than 80% of the 2,000 companies are in a state of loss. In 2018, many companies have chosen to leave the market because they cannot make money. In 2019, as sales are more concentrated on top brands, the speed of reshuffling may be faster, and the number of companies that have been eliminated Will grow exponentially. Therefore, shuffling will be a life or death disaster that many companies with no strength, no brand, no channels, and no quality can't avoid. 3. Thousand-yuan smart lock may become the main battlefield. In 2018, in addition to 'burst' and 'shuffleIn 2018, the battle of Thousand Yuan Smart Lock was initiated by 360. On the eve of Double Eleven in 2018, 360 suddenly announced the launch of a smart lock of 999 yuan, which was later reduced to 699 yuan (installation not included), and then Xiaomi, Luke-OJJ, Deschmann, and NetEase Yanxuan followed suit. , Let this war escalate again. Although before that, many smart locks worth two to three hundred yuan have appeared on e-commerce platforms such as Pinduoduo, but because most of them are small brands (or even no brands), they have not attracted much attention of smart locks. Now this price war is set off by Internet giants, so it has attracted much attention. In 2019, I believe that with the upgrading of the competitive landscape, not only many Sanwu products have joined the battle of thousand yuan smart locks, but more well-known brands, cross-border brands and industry leaders will also join this battle. War. Therefore, the thousand yuan smart lock may become one of the main battlefields in 2019. 4. The era of intensive cultivation of products and brands has come. With the increasing homogeneity and the arrival of industry reshuffle, the smart lock industry will enter the era of intensive cultivation of brands and products in 2019. 2019 will be a crucial year for major companies to compete for the market. The most intuitive thing to compete for the market is the brand. Although it is difficult for the smart lock industry to make a brand with a higher reputation like mobile phones, home appliances and other companies, but with the improvement of people’s living standards, when users buy smart locks, the brand is also Will become a priority factor. Especially young people born in the 80s, 90s, and 00s now like to check through online channels before buying things, and make comparisons before buying. And if the promotion is done well, the high exposure rate has naturally become the first choice of young users. Therefore, 2019 must be a key year for companies to build their brands. If the brand is the external image of the company, then the product is the internal image and foundation of the company, because only a brand without a good product as a support is equivalent to 'being bragging but not doing practical things for consumers.' In terms of products, one is to improve quality, and the other is to develop differentiated products. In addition, innovation in functions and appearance is also indispensable. 5. Channels will also become a battleground. As the saying goes, those who gain channels will win the world. In 2019, channels are also crucial for smart lock companies. At present, in terms of retail, the main online battlefields are comprehensive e-commerce platforms such as, Tmall and Suning, as well as decoration vertical e-commerce platforms such as and Tubatu. Offline retail channels are mainly concentrated in building materials and home appliances. Traditional channels such as hypermarkets, home furnishing markets, and security markets. At present, it seems that the highest sales in the online market are smart lock products in the price range of 1200-2500; offline due to cost, warehousing and other cost constraints, most agents and distributors are not willing to promote lower prices. Products, so now the offline product prices are mostly above 2,000 yuan. Real estate projects are currently the largest channel for shipments.
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