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The smarter the simpler, this is the future trend of fingerprint locks

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-24
'With electricity, you are still burning coal! People use mobile phones to book tickets, you have to go to the train station to line up, people use mobile phones to transfer money, you go to the bank and wait for the number...' This sentence clarifies the truth for us. : In the face of the trend, if you do not change, you will eventually be eliminated by the lock of the times. You will only follow the trend when you find that you have fallen behind, but others have dumped you for several blocks. Nowadays, smart fingerprint locks have appeared, and they have brought great changes to people. But many people still carry half a catty key every day. Everyone knows that going out with a bunch of keys is a very cumbersome thing and it is easy to lose. However, many users still don't believe that fingerprint locks are safer than mechanical locks. But in the face of the trend, no one can stop its development! Five years ago, someone said that in the future, mobile phones can replace computers, can be used as wallets, can pay for shopping anytime, anywhere, and can do everything you want. But some people say this is a pipe dream, and now, even if you buy breakfast at a roadside stall, you can use your mobile phone to pay. Some people say that smart fingerprint locks will replace mechanical locks, or some people are hesitating, some people think, what should I do if the battery is out? I met a thief, is it safe? But how is it now? Wanda, Vanke, Country Garden, Sunac, etc., more and more Fortune 500 real estate developers, have used smart locks when they first installed them. Smart homes are gradually being favored by the consumer market, and in the apartment market that has been heating up in the past two years, the advantages of smart locks have become even more obvious. The fingerprint lock brings great convenience to apartment management. Starting from the apartment housekeeper taking the tenant to visit the house, the smart door lock is effective for a period of time when the dynamic code is issued, avoiding a series of troubles such as finding the key. After tenants move in, they can also be managed through smart locks. After the tenant withdraws from the lease, the password of the previous tenant can be cleared through the system settings without changing the door lock, which saves time and effort. The small black box incident caused a lot of discussion in society. Relevant sources told reporters that the small black box unlocking incident did exist, but it was far from exaggerated as reported on the Internet. Many domestic manufacturers were actually doing very well. Similar to the development history of the last wave of domestic mobile phones, the development of smart door locks is currently in a stage of fierce competition and a mixed bag. In the market, the price of smart door locks ranges from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, and the material is also from plastic to Each metal is different. Some companies do not have Ru0026D capabilities and sacrifice product safety in order to reduce costs. Complete industry standards are urgently needed. In addition to safety, smart homes also face many challenges in terms of installation services. Relevant data shows that China's smart lock market sold 3.5 million sets in 2016 and reached 8 million sets in 2017. It is expected that in the future, China's smart door lock industry will continue to grow at a rapid rate with a growth rate of 50%. The total demand of the industry will exceed 30 million sets, and the total output value of the industry will exceed 100 billion yuan. The market generally believes that the industry concentration of smart door locks is generally low, and brand leaders have not yet appeared. In the future, the focus of smart door lock competition will be on installation and after-sales service. At present, the installation cost of smart door locks is around 200~300 yuan/handle. In addition, the subsequent maintenance costs are relatively high. If manufacturers do not have complete after-sales service, they will soon face the fate of being eliminated. All in all, the spring of the current smart fingerprint lock market development has come, and we are bathing in the spring breeze, facing the wind, and enjoying the dividends. At the same time, leading companies are also helping the smart lock industry to rise up with its own professional Ru0026D technology, high-quality installation services, and complete after-sales channels. Of course, the industry-specific norms and standards are also urgently required to further promote the development of the industry.
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