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The special issue of 'Chinese locksmith' shocked and set sail for grand investment!

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-16
2011-03- 25 Source: lock trade Browse: 750 comments: 0 Core tip: 'Chinese locksmith' magazine will serve Chinese locksmith, end users, locksmith members to achieve communication, communication, it is convenient to publish industry information, policies, share experiences, and improve skills. 'Chinese locksmith' magazine is sponsored by the locksmith repair branch of China Security Association, co-organized by Fujian locksmith industry association and Guangdong locksmith repair industry association, and edited by Hyundai locksmith network. It is a publication specially established for the lock repair industry in China. 'Chinese locksmith' magazine will serve Chinese locksmith, end users, locksmith members to exchange and communicate, facilitate the release of industry information, policies, share experiences, and improve skills to play a crucial new journal. The locksmith annual meeting in 2011 (518) Held in Xia men, the trial number will be issued at the National Locksmith annual meeting held at the Hejia Hotel in Xiamen on May 18, 2011. Notice of the 518 locksmith annual meeting on 2011 ,【Target readers] Merchants and terminal locksmiths engaged in lock operation, maintenance and unlocking in China. 【Magazine publishing] Members of the China Security Association locksmith branch are free to read. And at the same time distributed to non-member units (Only postage costs are charged). 5000 copies were issued in a single issue. 【Magazine setup] 'Chinese locksmith' quarterly, full-color coated paper printing, each issue of simultaneous electronic publication, easy to download and online reading; 【Column classification] 'Policies and Regulations', 'Industry Trends', 'excellent locksmith', 'Technical Exchange', 'information release', 'member announcement', 'product recommendation', 'locksmith story', 'Life proposition', etc 【Advertising price] The first issue is about to start soon, with great preservation significance and value. We sincerely invite the vast number of advertising cooperation units to congratulate and join us! The opportunity is rare and cannot be missed! Cover (210 ×210mm): 8000 yuan/period; Back cover/seal 2/seal 3 (210 ×285mm) : 6500 yuan/5000 yuan/4000 yuan/period; Ordinary full color (210 ×285mm): 3000 yuan/period. 【Value-added service] Anyone who puts an advertising company in the first issue of China Locksmith magazine can give a VIP member of lock trade for one year (Value 1661 yuan); 【Contact Information]Editorial Department: Tel: 010- 64451004 64450094 Fax: 010- 58948883 mailbox: bjxdsy @ 163. Com QQ number: 370952632 advertising Contact: Xue Jian Association: Beijing Wu longxie 13801070400; Fujian Zhao feihui 13313771477; Guangzhou Liu minzeng 18675964086; Xiamen Guo Jinrong 13779988588; Label: Chinese locksmith National Locksmith annual meeting lock friends magazine
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