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The technical characteristics of mute door lock is what?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-12
Mute lock is controlled by digital circuit, only can open the door at the start, opener sounds quiet virtual latch ( The most suitable for ward and meeting room) When the key in the lock core. Mute door lock technology characteristics have? Mute door lock technology characteristic is as follows: 1, the inclined tongue taking spherical design, embedded high strength nylon mute aprons, greatly reduce collisions with gusset plate of metal surface, with high-strength mute latch guide bush, effectively reduce the noise of the lock tongue contractions occur. 2, original patent gusset plate shell design, great powers buffer latch close, buckle box walls deadened the noise of high strength plastic, metal inclined tongue side and gusset plate collision prevention, large-scale closed lower open noise. 3, through five heavy remove lock body interior, effectively abate noise parts movement. Unique buffer spring and slide block rubber gasket design, effectively buffer the slider and lock wall collision in the body. 4, the AD hoc peach gum mat, cushion peach reset force, will help to lock the mute. The lock tongue and the slider, adopt fixed connection between relative to not loose, prevent collision making noises. Mute door lock technology characteristic is mainly to share these technical features above, now you should know about mute lock feature.
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