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The thought caused by the sketch 'unlock'

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-19
In the Spring Festival Gala in 2008, Huang Hong and others performed a sketch called 'unlocking', which was recognized by everyone. In the sketch, it showed that the quality of the unlocking company's personnel was quite high, if the customer does not show the account book, ID card and other valid documents, the locksmith master will never unlock the lock for you, so we think of the facts in life, we can see everywhere in life, a report said: the criminal gang headed by Huang Mou used his former locksmith technology to make his own master key and trained four apprentices to open the door and steal while the owner was not at home, with only one minute to open the door each time. A few days ago, the gang was captured by the public security organs and transferred to the Jiangbei District Court of Chongqing for trial. Comparing these two things, Huang Hong showed the standard side of the unlocking industry, but more social county heads are not the standard side. Think about it now, how many can be done like him, how many should be'Run concurrently' There are numerous key distribution stalls for unlocking business, and there are countless mobile locksmiths walking through the streets. All kinds of unlocking advertisements can be seen everywhere on the community corridors, Street telegraph poles, exterior walls of buildings and even stair steps in some cities. And many of these locksmiths do not have fixed stalls, but rely on a mobile phone. 'Guerrilla'Homework, a phone call can be on-site service. If every locksmith has such a high technology as reported by Huang, how much threat will it pose to the property safety of the people! Small locks play a huge protective role in the daily life of the people. Because in the eyes of ordinary people, a quality lock is the safety of their own property. Patron Saint' , Can enhance the sense of security, no worries into production, life. As early as a few years ago, some local NPC deputies and CPPCC members called for strengthening the management of the unlocking industry. For the safety of the people, we also call for the standard behavior of the unlocking industry. The Administrative License Law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that any specific activities directly related to national security, public safety, personal health, life and property safety and other specific activities need to be approved according to legal conditions, administrative license can be set. Obviously, the unlocking industry directly involves public safety and is directly related to the safety of people's lives and property. The normative management of the unlocking industry is the common responsibility of the society. It also requires the people to agree with this method, and more people actively cooperate with such practices.
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