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The traditional view is that the fatter the lock-FUYU-img

The traditional view is that the fatter the lock

by:FUYU     2020-03-07
The traditional view is that the fatter the lock cylinder and the key, the better. This is a mistake The traditional point of view is that the fatter the lock cylinder and the better the key, which is a mistake. The professional shopping guide is as follows: first, you see, the lock cylinder usually looks rough, Hainan unlock, the lock cylinder usually has good texture and light; Second, look at the marble, usually more common marbles in the mall, known as a lock, a single line of lines open to weak drilling and anti prying, break to weak, usually to marble double row. Thirdly, the key shape (from the key you can intuitively reflect the internal structure of the cylinder) is mainly detailed in the world now. Please refer to the key shape for 10 symbols and symbols (far from meeting the functional needs of the market, now it is the filter); Good is the key to the new moon, but the key to the new moon is that the skills can not meet the requirements when they are open, can not prevent drilling and break to weak, and there are many defects,; Now there are many specific keys in the world, such as bump row teeth and double row teeth and serpentine reverse dialing enhancement, and then greatly improve the security of locks. In essence, there are new breakthroughs in starting locks and future leaders of shopping malls.
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