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The trouble and solution of security door lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-07
Nowadays, with the improvement of people's safety awareness, many families will choose to install the anti-theft door lock, but in the process of using the anti-theft door lock, there will often be various problems, such as not easy to open, screw, pull out and so on. Today's company's editor will introduce the common faults and solutions of the anti-theft door lock for you, let's take a look at them together! The solution to the problem of hard to open the anti-theft door lock 1. Although there is almost no sewing machine in the modern family, you can still buy Sewing machine oil. Squeeze the nozzle of sewing machine oil into the lock hole, and the sewing machine oil will slide in, so that the door lock can be opened easily. When kerosene is used in the small commodity market, the lighter counter will buy a box of small package kerosene. There is a sharp mouth on the box. Press the sharp mouth against the lock hole for a few times, and kerosene will enter the lock hole. After a few minutes, take the key to unlock the lock, The key will come in and out smoothly. Kerosene is highly volatile. Don't worry about greasiness in the lock hole in the future. It will affect the performance of the lock again after a long time. It won't be long before kerosene in the lock hole volatilizes completely and the lock is as new as ever. If kerosene doesn't work, it may be that the internal structure of the lock cylinder is damaged, so I have to ask a lock repairman. But I have to say that if you do this often, there will be a lot of dust entering and mixing with the oil, which is also very bad for your door lock. If you can't find a pencil powder, scrape it down to make lead powder, then slide it in with toothpicks or cotton swabs, and it can be opened in a while. 4. Shake left and right sometimes we put the key of the anti-theft door lock in, but it doesn't feel like it's in place, so it can't be opened naturally. At this time, as long as you shake your door left and right for a few times or kick it gently, it's not a big problem. 5. Some anti-theft locks of the new locks are not easy to open. It may be because there is a problem with the lock cylinder. At this time, it is difficult to open them no matter what you do. Then you don't need to spend too much time, just ask the lock repair master to help you change a new lock or lock cylinder. Common faults and solutions of anti-theft door lock solution of anti-theft door lock can't be turned 1. Generally speaking, the key can't be pulled out is not in the right position, some of them are caused by dislocation of anti-theft door lock core. When part of the lock core appears to come out after returning to the position, you can press it down with your hand, and the other hand can move the key again to pull out; 2. One lock core has two keys and two marbles which are not flexible If it's stuck, spray universal lubricating rust remover into the lock hole, move the key, and then try to pull it out; 3. Pour pencil ink into the lock hole, then move the key, and then try to pull it out; 4. Find a security door maintenance and lock changing master to open it for you. Common faults and solutions of anti-theft door lock solutions for the key of anti-theft door can not be pulled out 1. Use leather care agent, spray on the key, the key can be pulled out easily, living pencil ink, lubricant. Sometimes mechanical gadgets will inevitably get stuck; 2. Screw them to the end in the direction where they can be screwed, and then screw them back quickly, press them in hard, and they will come out after one turn; 3. If they still can't be pulled out, we can try to see if the direction is right, and if they still can't be pulled out, we can find the help of the locksmith.
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