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The troubles brought by a lock, the top ten smart lock brands solve the pain points in depth

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
In home life, the door lock is the main body of the whole family. Before the appearance of the intelligent door lock, it was a traditional mechanical door lock, and the key was used to pull the door. However, many problems with keys have brought a series of troubles, such as: 1. If you want to bring a key out of the door, it will be easy to lose if you don't bring it well; 2. People who have the habit of losing everything have to look for keys everywhere; 3. When you close the door, take the key and turn it around. You don't have to worry about it. It takes a lot of time and trouble; 4. When a child or an old man comes home without a key, he has to wait for the key to come back and be rejected; 5. When there is an abnormal emergency in the room, you have to hurry home to open the door, or you are locked by the door; 6. The nanny enters the door or has guests to wait for the owner to open the door; 7. Despite how careful, it is still not enough for the thief to have a heart, and being stolen is frightening. . . . . . These cases are believed to be a common example of every home life? ! It can be seen that a mechanical lock and a key bring troubles to people's daily life, which are both time-consuming and patience-consuming. The characteristic of intelligent locks is to grasp the pain points of people's application of locks, solve the lag problem brought by traditional locks, and implement safe and convenient applications. The top ten smart lock brands such as bapleko, Samsung, TCL, Asia Pacific Tianneng, etc. , are the strength brands that can give you higher protection! Bapuleco Smart Lock: a professional manufacturer of security smart locks, from the German high-end smart lock brand, is a manufacturer integrating R & D, production and sales. The company adheres to the concept of innovative responsibility, according to the requirements of consumers for locks, the appearance caters to people's pursuit of beauty and fashion, and the function is integrated into the advanced core board by the self-developed security module to enhance the safety performance, smart locks can be easily used and managed through fingerprints, mobile phone Remote APP, Bluetooth, cards, etc. From the overall point of view, bapleko is an extension of Germany's traditional rigorous technology, strictly controls every process, carefully completes every safe lock, and optimizes the quality to be simple, let consumers feel the safety and convenience brought by bapleko smart lock from the bottom of their hearts! At present, due to the popularity of the public, bapleko smart lock continues to have good results. Samsung Smart Lock: as a large international multinational enterprise, its products involve financial insurance, electronics, machinery and other fields, among which Samsung smart lock has unique design innovation, the lock has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and reliable safety. The first essence is directed to the troubles of the public Lock. It has become the representative of the Korean smart lock and also represents the high level of the Korean system. TCL Smart Lock: it is a global intelligent product manufacturing and Internet application service group. It has accumulated huge business experience. In the early days of entering the smart lock industry, it has always fulfilled the company's full excavation and seriously meet the needs of users' The concept of responsibility, closely combined with emerging technologies, and relying on the technical foundation with the intelligent big data platform as the core, will build the intelligent lock business into a smart solution that is in line with the smart home, give consumers a perfect home experience! Asia Pacific Tianneng Smart Lock: as a leading brand in the smart lock Industry, Asia Pacific Tianneng is a technology development enterprise integrating research and development, design, production and sales. Its products mainly include electronic password locks, fingerprint locks, smart door locks, etc, the products are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people with the characteristics of reliability and safety, thus promoting the rapid development of the industry. Today, the company also has many distribution outlets throughout the country, covering many cities, committed to serving more consumers with brand advantages, helping more people to achieve intelligent life, and completely bid farewell to a series of troubles brought by traditional locks! Compared with the troubles brought by mechanical lock keys, smart locks are integrated into home life as advanced technology products, and their safety and convenience are beyond doubt. However, under the situation of hot development in the industry, there are many brands and uneven products. The top ten smart lock brands can reach the pain points of consumers with their excellent strength and provide consumers with higher safety and convenience!
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