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The warning given by the 'vaccine incident': to do the lock seriously, and to do a good job of quality is the kingly way.

by:FUYU     2021-11-19
Recently, the 'vaccine incident' has been swiped in the circle of friends. The protagonist of the incident, the longevity creature, was falsified by the production records of the rabies vaccine, and the DPT vaccine was punished as a 'bad medicine'. The longevity organisms have also been pushed to the forefront of public opinion, which has caused public anxiety about vaccine safety. The 'vaccine incident' has aroused national condemnation and even attracted the attention of overseas media because the safety of vaccines directly threatens the lives of users. As an old brand in the smart lock industry, Fuyu has recently been thinking about why this 'vaccine incident' is so similar to the 'Tesla incident' in the smart lock industry not long ago? Vaccines are related to the life, death and safety of users, while smart locks are related to users’ property and personal safety. Although the latter may not cause national condemnation and sensation like the former in terms of impact and degree, it reflects The public or consumers attach great importance to the quality and safety of smart lock products. Therefore, the 'vaccine incident' has also sounded the alarm for us to lock people into intelligence. Those who falsify will undoubtedly die. The smart lock protects the user's personal and property safety. If even the most basic security is not possible, can it be called a 'lock'? At present, many individuals and companies see the huge market potential and development space of the smart lock industry in the future, and they all want to come in and get a share of the pie. However, because the industry is still in the early stages of development, there is a lack of corresponding complete standards, coupled with users' quality of smart locks, and lack of corresponding recognition and judgment standards for safety. This has brought a lot of opportunities for speculators who 'fish in troubled watersUsers, ultimately hurt users. At present, it seems that there are many 'black sheep' in the smart lock industry, although this is not enough to show the impact of the industry's devastation. This is because the penetration rate of smart locks in China is not high enough, or even less than 10%; but when the penetration rate of smart locks reaches 50% or even higher, once a company has a large-scale quality problem or credibility crisis, It is not only the enterprise itself that will perish, but it may also cause irreparable negative effects on the entire smart lock industry. Just like the 'Melamine Incident' of that year, the Sanlu family's problematic milk powder damaged the credibility of the entire domestic milk powder. The end result is that many parents have lost confidence in the quality and safety of domestic milk powder, and instead purchase alternative products from Switzerland, the Netherlands and other European and American countries and regions. Just imagine, if there is a black sheep like Sanlu in the smart lock industry, will users also turn their attention to foreign smart lock brands? Therefore, the 'vaccine incident' has already sounded the alarm for us with smart locks. We believe that counterfeiters may still be able to sit back and relax for a while, but when the Dongchuang incident occurs, they are bound to be ruined and the entire smart lock is sacrificed. The interests of the industry and all smart lock companies. Therefore, the only way to do the lock is to make the lock conscientiously and to do a good job of quality. Finally, Fuyu reminds everyone that as agents and distributors, if you want to take a share in the future smart lock market of 100 billion yuan, you must be clear that only brands with good quality and good safety can leverage the 100 billion market. Low-cost smart locks without quality can only obtain short-term benefits, not long-term solutions; for users, you get what you pay for. Don’t be fooled by the so-called “bargains”. Only big brands and good quality Is the last word.
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