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The woman was followed home late at night. Installing this smart lock can save her life when it is critical! -Media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-06
In recent years, incidents of 'person and property caused by being followed to the home' are not uncommon, especially women with outstanding looks. On the evening of April 10, 2016, Xiaoxia was followed by a man to her home on her way home from get off work. Because Xiaoxia neglected to not close the door, she was assaulted twice by this man and was taken to the bank to withdraw money. On May 9, 2018, a resident of Chuzhou City, Fan Moumou, reported to the police that at 1 o'clock in the morning that day, he was snatched from a shoulder bag by a strange man outside his house by covering his mouth and dragging and causing multiple injuries to his body. Due to the early morning of the incident and the old community where the incident occurred, there was no monitoring equipment at the scene, and it was impossible to find clues through eyewitnesses or surveillance videos. After obtaining evidence from multiple parties and monitoring on the road, the police arrested Tian Moumou on May 20th. At about 10:18 on July 11, 2018, the Xinhua Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Mudanjiang City received an alarm from Ms. Wang, a resident of the district, saying that at 10 o'clock that day, he was opening the door of his house (a community on East Xinrong Street, Aimin District). Suddenly, a man came down from upstairs and forced himself into the house, then robbed a gold necklace worth about 6000 yuan, an OPPO mobile phone, a lady's handbag and 34 yuan in cash in the bag. After seeing these cases, do you still think that the danger is far away from us? In other words, are your house door locks safe enough? For personal and residential safety, you need to install a smart door lock with extremely high safety performance, and Fuyu Tianyan smart lock is such a lock that can protect the user's home safety and life. In May 2018, Fuyu released a Tianyan smart door lock with super high security performance. Once released, it has been well received by many property companies and users. The reason why it is safe is because it has an anti-tailing function. When users encounter danger in front of their homes, they can use duress fingerprints to make a secret alarm. Secondly, the Skyeye smart lock also has a built-in 2 million pixel high-definition camera. This camera captures the abnormal situation at your door. When a bad person commits a crime at your door, it will be captured and the photo will be pushed to your family’s mobile phone. And dial the reserved phone number, as long as there is a dangerous situation or the thief’s family members can report to the police and call the property security to come to the door. This camera not only has the function of abnormal capture, but also has a photo record when you unlock and enter the door. It can be said that Fuyu Tianyan smart lock will never tolerate security. The integration of science and technology, the spirit of craftsmen, and the exquisite craftsmanship not only ensure the response speed of the Skyeye smart lock, but also improve the safety performance. Because the Tianyan smart lock is well aware of the importance of the living environment and personal safety, whether it is a child, the elderly or a single woman living alone, installing the Fuyu Tianyan smart lock is an excellent choice.
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