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'The world's leading door-opening solution' boosts the development of the Chinese market of the Yassa Group

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-19
2011-05- 26 Source: Hyundai lock industry website Browse: 689 comment: 0 Core tip: Beijing, said at a press conference on May 26, 2011 :--Asahele (ASSA ABLOY) The group boosts the development of China's category system market with the world's leading door-opening solutions. More photos of Sweden's azaele (ASSA ABLOY) The group is a global leader in door-opening solutions. Since its establishment in 1994, it has been committed to meeting users' all-round needs for safety, security and convenient life. Under the guidance of this concept, yasahile has developed from a small regional company to a large multinational group today. In the process of continuous development of the group, its understanding of the importance of the Chinese market is also deepening. In 1998, the Asia-Pacific headquarters and technical support center were established in Hong Kong to strengthen services to the booming Chinese market. Subsequently, it acquired a series of China's first-class lock industry and door industry companies such as Guli, Ruizhong Tianming and Panpan, further enhancing the group's strength in China. Ruizhong Tianming Company, a subsidiary of yassa group, has a production base in Tongzhou district, Beijing, and its exhibition hall has just finished its renovation this year. The new exhibition hall fully shows customers and guests the achievements of the asahle group in the field of category system solutions, including Ruizhong Tianming company's fire doors, safety doors, fire shutter and other products with many national patents, as well as excellent door opening solutions of other brands under the group. In 2008, Ruizhong Tianming company joined Sweden's yasahile (ASSA ABLOY) Relying on the group's resources and advantages, Ruizhong Tianming further improved its category system solutions and participated in the construction of many landmark buildings, such as the National Stadium (Bird's Nest)National Grand Theatre, National Swimming Center (Water Cube)And the T3 terminal of the capital airport. Therefore, Ruizhong Tianming has accumulated more experience in high-end building doors and good customer reputation. After entering China, Yassa group adheres to the concept of real value for customers and focuses on the door opening scheme with exquisite design, convenience, safety and reliability. The group's Yi Bao (iRevo) The latest digital electronic lock technology owned by the company adopts floating password technology for the first time and is second to none in today's high-tech field. The product has stable performance, reliable quality, non-replicability of keys, self-contained intrusion alarm system, and fashionable appearance, which are highly praised by customers; Another important international brand of the group, Yale (Yale) Provide comprehensive door opening solutions such as digital electronic locks, mechanical locks and other supporting products for the Chinese market, provide excellent security technology for users, and show the charm of lock culture at the same time. The first cylindrical spring lock made in 1860 established Yale's position as the creator of global locks. The revolutionary design concept of lock cylinder and key system, it has become the most widely used lock structure and principle in the world. In addition, the Yassa Group attaches great importance to providing services and support to local customers. At present, the group has branches in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, and well-trained Chinese and foreign technicians provide technical consultation and after-sales service to users at any time. « Previous Page 1 2. . . 3 4 Next Page» Label: ASSAABLOY door opening solution for ASSAABLOY
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