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The world's ultra-thin automatic intelligent door lock is ceremoniously released! Open the smart lock in the future!

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
On December 15, Romans' 2018 winter New Product Launch conference was held ceremoniously in Shenzhen Shiyan material pit gymnasium. Portant; '/> Portant; /> Lin Jianfa, chairman of Shenzhen romances Technology Co. , Ltd. , Xiao Fen, chairman of Fenda group, Xiao Yong, president of Fenda Group, Wang Weizhi, CEO of Shenzhen romances Technology Co. , Ltd. , and Laurent Dard, marketing director and supervisor of NXP Semiconductor Company é Mr. Zhang Liang, marketing director of NXP Greater China, and more than 500 Roman agents from all over the country witnessed this glorious moment. Lin Jianfa, chairman of Romans' Science and Technology: to build an open, shared and mutual diversified cooperation platform. Portant; /> Xiao Fen, chairman of Fenda technology: helping Romans' layout in the smart home industry chain to accelerate Romans' globalization process. Portant; /> NXP marketing director Laurent Dard é : Rocket XS platform fully promotes the ultimate intelligent experience of Romans. Portant; '/> As a leader in fully automatic intelligent locks. Romans has always been the heart of the craftsman, through its own strong innovation and brand power, continuous exploration, continuous breakthrough, bringing source power to the development of the industry, leading the pattern of innovation. Portant; '/> The advent of Romans' ultra-thin full-automatic intelligent lock has shaken the industry and focused on the eyes of many people. This will be the weathervane leading the development of the intelligent lock industry in the future, it brings infinite possibilities for the future development of fully automatic intelligent locks. Portant; /> Wang Weizhi, CEO of Shenzhen Romans' Technology Co. , Ltd. , new winter products launch conference of Romans; /> Global ultra-thin automatic intelligent door lock DD5portant; Alt = ''/> portant; '/> Portant; '/> Portant; '/> Glass panel full screen A8 automatic intelligent lock portant; '/> Portant; '/> Portant; '/> Portant; /> The perfect combination of design and technology is the product pursuit that Romans' always insists on. For many years, romances has always used the most cutting-edge technology to create a top-level appearance, performance and interactive experience. This is not only the comprehensive embodiment of Romans' product research and development strength and innovation ability, but also Romans' demanding and continuous exploration of beauty. After the press conference, guests flocked to the product experience area to get close to Romans' latest automatic smart lock product and feel its charm for the first time. Portant; '/> Portant; /> Two new products launched through this winter New Product Launch of Romans-- The world's ultra-thin full-automatic intelligent lock DD5 and full-mirror glass screen full-automatic intelligent lock A8. we can clearly see from it that as a leading enterprise in the field of full-automatic intelligent lock, Romans has always been working on strict aesthetic standards and technical standards, leading the development and direction of the industry. Use technology to empower brand innovation, respect products, respect technology, and help product upgrades with a scientific attitude. Romans' fully automatic intelligent lock products are leading the industry in the direction of 3C digital technology products. The new Romans' automatic smart lock released this time also shows everyone that the latest technology of smart lock is applied to the advanced trend, and the future is in front of people's eyes. At the same time, it also announced that the smart lock industry is about to usher in a new upgrade. This not only includes the application of new technologies in smart locks, but also will set off a comprehensive start for a more perfect combination of beauty and technology in the industry.
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