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There are thousands of smart locks, why is the Chinese market share only 2%? -Media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-18
With the development of society, smart homes have come into view and become indispensable to the public, and smart door locks are one of the hottest models. It is said that in the first half of 2017, there were thousands of domestic smart door lock brands. Smart locks are popular, and a large number of early adopters have been harvested in China, but for ordinary users, their awareness of smart locks is not high, and they are still in the adaptation stage, and they are not just in need of products. Compared with Japan, South Korea, Europe and America smart locks in the civilian lock market, my country's share is 2%, Japan and South Korea smart locks occupy more than 70% of the civilian lock market, South Korean apartments also use up to 90% of the use of smart locks, European and American electronic locks It is expected that the market share of smart locks in China will increase rapidly in the next few years, accounting for 50% of the civilian lock market. Behind the rapid development, there are also many problems in the smart lock industry. For example, plagiarism, imitation and other phenomena have caused the smart lock industry to become increasingly homogeneous; in addition, some irresponsible companies are not hesitating to shoddy for short-term benefits, disrupting the industry and the market with the industry’s bottom price, and also damaging the industry. The benefit of fewer users. As a manufacturer with 38 years of hardware door lock manufacturing experience, Ningbo Fuyu Hardware Co., Ltd. has world-class hardware processing technology and modern automatic production lines, as well as a national product testing laboratory. Fuyu is known as an excellent precision manufacturer of hardware products in China. It provides electronic locks, fingerprint locks and smart locks OEM manufacturing for the century-old brand Yale of locks. At the same time, it serves international brand customers such as ASSA ABLOY, ERA, FABu0026FIX, TOTO, American Standard , Kohler, IKEA, etc.
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