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These are the five reasons why you should install a smart lock in 2019...

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-23
It is said that the smart lock is good, but many users do not know or know what is good. Today, I will give you a few reasons why you must install a smart lock to see if it hurts you. 1. Convenient and fast, it is easier to throw away the key. Compared with transmission locks, the biggest feature of smart locks is the diversification of opening methods. At present, most of the smart locks on the market can be opened by fingerprints, passwords, cards, mobile phone WeChat, mobile phone apps, etc., while retaining the traditional emergency key according to national standards. In other words, after the smart lock is installed, the door is no longer needed to open the door, which solves the daily worries of people forgetting to bring the key and losing the key. When opening the door, you can easily open the door by entering a series of passwords or pressing the fingerprint. And it's fast. It doesn’t matter if the fingerprints, passwords, cards, etc. can be opened due to a malfunction of the electronic part, or the battery is exhausted. The reserved emergency key can still be opened, so you don’t have to worry about being turned away. 2. New technology, high technology, better anti-theft performance The original intention and purpose of the birth of locks is to protect people's lives and property safety. Therefore, the anti-theft of locks is an eternal theme no matter in which era, the emergence of smart locks is based on the addition of a 'safe lock' on the basis of traditional locks. At present, as long as there is a certain scale and a certain well-known brand of smart locks on the market, it is no less safe than traditional mechanical locks. If the opening method is a proximity card, most of this method uses authorization management, which is not easy to crack, and the corresponding code can be deleted from the authorization after the proximity card is lost, so that even if the proximity card is found, the door cannot be opened, and the security can be guaranteed; The opening method is an ID card. Based on the particularity of the ID card encryption technology, it is almost impossible to copy, and it is also easy to prevent theft; if the opening method is a password, most of the current smart locks use the form of a virtual password, which means that the password can be correct. Enter numbers before and after, as long as there is a continuous correct password in the series of numbers, the door can be opened, and the security is greatly improved; if the opening method is fingerprints, in addition to the uniqueness of each person's fingerprints, most smart locks can recognize the real Fake fingerprints, in general, non-living fingerprints are difficult to open. 3. Anti-pry alarm, video surveillance, so that thieves have nowhere to hide. If you still worry that smart locks are more diversified and safer in opening methods, how can criminals prevent them from opening them through violence? In fact, your worries are superfluous. Most smart locks on the market now have anti-pry alarm and video surveillance functions, leaving criminals nowhere to hide. The anti-theft alarm function is not only connected to the user’s mobile phone, but also to the community property and police center. As long as there is violent opening, smashing, or prying, the smart lock will actively send information to the user, the property and the police center. , The tripartite joint action to take countermeasures. In the case that the user cannot deter criminals through remote shouting, the community security will stop at the door. If the problem is still not solved, the police center can send out police to stop the illegal behavior if necessary. 4. Temporary password, open the door for friends and nanny at any time. When your family needs a nanny or part-time job, but you don't want them to come anytime, what should you do? You can set a temporary password, and stipulate that the nanny or hourly worker can use it in the specified time period. The overtime password will be invalid automatically. If you are still worried about the nanny's abuse of the elderly or children, you can use the home video surveillance connected with the smart lock and mobile phone, you can check every move of the elderly and children at home at any time, so that you can work with peace of mind. 5. Intelligent interaction, let the lock have more warmth. The traditional mechanical lock is a cold and ruthless 'iron general'. The only interaction with people is the two actions of locking and opening the door. The smart lock is different. In addition to the above-mentioned security functions such as remote opening and video surveillance, there are more emotional communication with users. The mechanical lock is out of date, so it is very important to replace it with a safe and reliable lock. After reading these five reasons, do you also have the urge to buy and change smart locks?
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