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This group of comics tells you why you should install the smart lock

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-19
After working for a day, it was not easy to get off work. However, when I returned to my home, I found out that the key that I was inseparable from myself was gone. I don't know when to break up with myself'Yes. Whenever at this time, in addition to a face of helplessness, what else can you do? Some people say that I can learn Spider-Man and turn over the window to go back, thus saving money for a locksmith to unlock the lock. But money is saved, but what if you miss? You are turning over the window with your life! If something goes wrong, it can't be solved by money. What you give is an irreparable life! Some people said, it doesn't matter, I have a spare key, just under the floor mat at the door. In fact, this is the most dangerous practice. Smart thieves can even unlock the lock. Can't you see it clearly? What if your family is targeted by thieves? Others said, it doesn't matter, I have a good mentality. I look at all this with the mentality of Buddhism and wait for my family to come back in the dark corridor. Well, you wait slowly! It is rare that you have this calm mood! Others said that I have a bank card that can imitate the thief's card unlocking technology. But to be reminded, the card can only open the door without anti-lock. Don't you have the habit of going out to lock? Others said that it was a big deal to have a violent unlock. You, really have the courage, come to a door to destroy the lock', Still afraid of not going home? Yes, you are going home, I just want to ask: the door and the lock are broken, how do you lock at night? Many people found out at the end that whether it is window turning, card unlocking, Buddha mentality or violent unlocking, it is not the best solution, finding a nearby locksmith to unlock is the best policy. When I got home, I couldn't find the key. This kind of thing, no matter who happened, is a very annoying thing. Nowadays, the era of intelligence has arrived. Home appliances, mobile phones, etc. are all smart. The door locks you need to use every day in and out of the House should also be upgraded intelligently. Therefore, installing a smart lock is the way to solve both the symptoms and root causes. Only after installing the smart lock, you can unlock it with fingerprints, passwords and mobile phones, as long as you don't lose yourself, even if you come back from the ends of the Earth, you don't have to worry about the fact that there is no key to open the door!
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