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This paper briefly introduces the selection scheme of intelligent door lock in terms of performance

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-25
As a high-tech product, intelligent door lock has become a leading product in the field of hotel door lock, but how to choose intelligent door lock is a big problem in the hearts of users. According to a report in Nanfang Daily, a four-star hotel in Shenzhen chose a low-priced smart door lock because the engineering staff did not understand the selection method of the smart door lock, as a result, after the hotel's intelligent door lock has been in use for half a year, the lock body is rusted and the work is not normal, which seriously affects the hotel's reputation and service. When going to the manufacturer to solve the problem, only to find that the manufacturer has disappeared, the hotel has to replace the intelligent door lock, bringing great economic and reputation losses to the hotel. In the smart door lock market where good and evil are mixed, what brand of smart door lock do you choose? After reading the following article, everyone will understand. Under normal circumstances, the hotel hopes that the service life of the intelligent door lock will be at least 5 years, so many factors must be considered when selecting the intelligent door lock, such as the brand, quality, price, service, etc, so as not to bring economic losses. Looking at the smoke-filled smart door lock market, TCL smart door locks are at the forefront of the industry in terms of brand, quality, price and service. From the brand point of view, TCL Group Co. , Ltd. , to which TCL intelligent door lock belongs, has a brilliant history. It was founded in 1981 and is engaged in research and development, production and sales of household appliances, information, communications and electrical products, A large state-owned holding enterprise integrating technology, industry and trade. In a short period of more than 20 years, TCL has developed from a well-known local State-owned enterprise to a large state-owned holding enterprise group with total assets of more than 10 billion yuan, brand value of more than 10 billion yuan and more than 30000 employees. At present, TCL's leading products including home appliances, communications, information and electricians are among the forefront of its domestic counterparts. What such an excellent brand brings to users is no longer a simple product, but a service and a promise. In terms of quality, TCL intelligent door lock series products rely on TCL Group's strong research and development strength, independent development of non-contact IC card intelligent door lock, contact IC card intelligent door lock, TM card intelligent door lock and electronic double control intelligent door lock four series of more than ten varieties, no matter which kind of intelligent door lock, compared with similar products in the market, it has some incomparable advantages and characteristics in terms of machinery and electronics. In terms of machinery, first of all, the lock core of TCL intelligent door lock has exclusively designed the built-in radial clutch, and at the weakest point of the lock tongue (Stress concentration) Excessive increase, increase the impact load of the door lock, and make the lock cylinder safer and more reliable; Secondly, the lock body of TCL intelligent door lock is forged with pure copper, with fine internal lattice, and the strength and hardness of the lock body are higher than the national standard. Finally, the surface of the lock body of the TCL smart door lock is exclusively vacuum ion plating (PVD) Technology, strong corrosion resistance and high hardness, can be scored with 3H pencil without damage.
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