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Three difficulties need to be overcome when the application of smart door lock market meets the inflection point

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-30
Lei once said: as long as you stand at the tuyere, pigs can fly. ' Today, the smart lock is just standing on the tuyere of smart home, Internet of Things and big data. Therefore, smart locks not only attract the attention of major giants, but also are favored by many capital institutions. In just a few years, the smart door lock market has grown from a few dozen companies to thousands of companies. However, whether the smart lock can eventually move to thousands of households still needs to overcome the three major difficulties of quality control, channels and services. As the most important scenario economy for family life consumption in the next ten years, the ecological industry chain of smart home includes technology providers such as smart home appliances, communication, voice interaction technology, fingerprint identification technology, etc, and various new and unique intelligent hardware manufacturers; There are also e-commerce crowdfunding platforms and offline distribution channels. In front of the smart home with complex system and intertwined industries, how can entrepreneurs find a suitable entrance and bet on a needle to pierce the sky' The sharp-knife products, breaking the situation of wandering around the smart home door, the most urgent thing at the moment. In the past few years, although smart phones, smart routes, smart cameras and so on have all claimed to be the entrance to smart homes', But so far failed. With the popularity of intelligent technology, now a more entry level'Product--Smart locks have also embarked on this stage. Intelligent door locks have developed rapidly. In a few short years, the market has grown from a few dozens of enterprises to thousands of enterprises. Moreover, this number is still expanding. Industry insiders said that the fingerprint lock market will usher in a bigger outbreak in 2017. According to statistics from the smart product Circle, the total shipment of smart door locks last year was 5 million, which will at least double to 10 million this year. Optical fingerprint lock shipments are estimated to be 5kk-7kk; Semiconductor fingerprint lock estimated shipments at 2kk-Between 3kk. In addition, data show that electronic locks in Europe and the United States account for 50% of civil locks, while the penetration rate of smart locks in South Korea is 80%, while the penetration rate of fingerprint intelligence in Chinese households is less than 2%, and that in China is about. For 0. 5 billion families, every 5% increase in fingerprint lock installation can bring about 17. 5 million sales and about 14 billion yuan in sales. The huge market growth potential has accelerated the pace of seizing China's smart lock market by internationally renowned fingerprint lock brands such as deschman in Germany, Yale in the United States and Samsung in South Korea. The smart lock is different from the traditional lock. The usage is relatively simple, unless you forget to bring the key to the lock, and the other time does not involve After-sales. However, as a technology product, smart locks will inevitably encounter problems such as not being able to operate and wanting to update hardware. In addition, the domestic entrance door is very strange, there is no uniform door lock standard, the door lock needs a variety of adaptations, the product needs to be stable for a long time to run and accumulate, the amount is slow, the cycle is long, internet or traditional home appliance bosses have no patience to focus on this field at this point in time. In fact, this phenomenon is more common in the smart lock industry. After the original capital accumulation, enterprises began to involve finance, real estate, health and other industries, and the front line was lengthened, it is easy to ignore the field that you are good at, and you lose your original advantage. For the entrepreneurial team who is full of ambition, there are still great challenges in product technology, supply chain, channel sales, after-sales service, etc. Whether the smart lock can eventually go to thousands of households still needs to overcome three difficulties--Quality control, channel, and service. Li Xing, author of titanium Media, concluded that in the long run, the trump card of competition in the smart lock market will depend on the quality of the product supply chain and the offline service system, and whose root base is stronger, the more you can gain brand premium and the trust of home users; When extended to other smart home areas, it has stronger potential energy.
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