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Three locks pain points, let a person very collapse

by:FUYU lock     2020-04-17
Door lock is the first and the family connection, go home every day of the first action: open the door, and you lock between 0. Within the 5 s tactility, feeling of home. Relative to household appliances, household products such as a door, sofa, locks of small volume, easy to master to ignore, but once it's 'pain' rise, we would be very collapse. | anti-theft security level is low, easy to be A thief conquer luomenhasi recently issued A consumer warning, according to A grade security door lock dozens of seconds or even A few seconds to open, calls for consumers to change in time more secure class B or class C lock core. Pair used to be A random sampling investigation, found that more than 50% of users still use grade A lock, and some old village with the most are the lock. Throughout a theft news, found that the thief stealing successfully entered the room, the basic will not use this blatant way to hit the door, hit a window, through storm door lock, directly entered and theft. It is said that 'the home is the harbor of the soul, is a safe haven' in life, these are the basis of the full sense of security to the door. How can I resist the thief attack, this depends on the prevention technology of the lock open time. According to the national standard about the lock core, grade A lock to be qualified standard with technical opening more than 1 minute. B class lock, the eligibility criteria for technical opening for more than 5 minutes. And class C lock core, 10 minutes for the standard in case of technical opening time. From this perspective, select the super class B or C grade door lock, can give you a full sense of security. Will come in late, and the thief active time, free might as well go to the nearby Fuyu Hardware experience museum, turn a turn in a class C security locks. Style | can't find the fate of the lock as batch after 85, after 90 have become the master of the house, they to do one thing more sorrow, clothes are Korea, Europe and the United States wind, commuter wind, hip-hop, lolita, fair maiden wind they wind, why could not choose one of their favorite locks? On the market, many brands of door lock is not too concerned about the design, is basically copying each other hot style, or just find a design is changed to be listed. Very few locks brand will pay big money to find teacher cooperation, to promote original design. Locks as in make the finishing point of a household, if you want to find a design feels dye-in-the-wood, unique door lock, sincerely to you amway Fuyu Hardware designer series, noble, the leading started to pay attention to the original design of the lock brand, with the Shanghai world expo Finnish pavilion designers Likka Airus, rococo innovation design, chairman and founder group guest Gu Wei founder and general manager, Beijing gage circle moment industrial design co. , LTD. , founder and general manager li also mans, Ren Huate Disney ( Shanghai) Design director, freelance designer Chen Haoxin, famous both at home and abroad, such as cooperation, there is always a deep of your heart. Noise | to open the door to disturb the sleeping family in recent years, the rapid increase of indoor noise complaints of which noise complaints rising is most obvious in door lock, door lock noise not only disturb the family sleep, also easily distracted, interrupt train of thought, and thus the office efficiency and improve the quality of family life. Late night to go home, I crept, was afraid of waking her family, to a lot of people are familiar with this scene, noble mute door locks in 2012 category, using damping mute patent technology, open closed 60% noise reduction, has accumulated solve troubles for 10 million households. Noble focus lock 19 years and in 2001 the first introduce the concept of aesthetics door lock industry, leading the original design trends, launched in 2012, Fuyu Hardware, create a mute door lock category, open the door lock industry era of mute. So far, 58 house for mute invention patents, 31 items have been approved, two into Europe and the United States to apply for, leading global lock mute technology. Noble 2016 industry first white paper on China door lock and household hardware mute, promote the establishment of mute door lock industry standards. In April 2017, the industry first in view of the user's 'family mute consumer trends in China' blue book published around the world, lead the industry constantly meet even lead consumers to rising consumer demand, let the door lock (not pain! Struggle out of you, the night home for fear of waking the baby blue blood damping mute mute door lock using patent technology open closed noise reduction 60% cumulative solution locks, ten million family troubles to mute, Fuyu Hardware
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