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Three pole hand how to install, lock lever of hand lock price trends - - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-28
Three pole hand lock is very common in our daily life, the bedroom door, kitchen door, the door with the lock on the book are three pole hand lock, the lock general with stainless steel, zinc alloy is given priority to, service life is generally within three to five years, to use fixed number of year after needs to be replaced, small make up a lot of friends, asking how three pole hand lock installation, is there any specific installation guide, etc. , this unpleasant the New Year, small make up also compiled three pole hand lock installation tutorial for you.     Three pole hand how to install: lock & emsp;   Step 1: identify three pole hand lock and the height & emsp;   According to industry specifications, generally three pole hand lock the position of about 1 meter above the ground, installed in this position is associated with human behavior, the study found that 1 meter from the ground for arm turned the handle, both in open and close more convenient, and of course some owner is relatively high, at the time of opening position is a little higher, varies from person to person.     The second step: three pole hand lock installation method & emsp;   General newly bought three pole holding hands locked inside with detailed installation diagram, poor ability of friend suggested a carpenter master the door installation. It is worth noting: ready to replace the three pole hand lock lock body specifications to the old specifications, or you need on the wooden door opening again, this is the skill.     Old three pole hand lock demolition method usually have two fixed screw lock tongue position, removed the two screws with the screwdriver, pull out the lock ( Hard, general card is tight) 。 Then removed panels fixed screw, general location in the indoor direction, there are two from top to bottom, can put the panel after demolition, all take off lock body. Then lock newly bought three pole hand follow the steps to dismantle the reverse operation, can complete the installation, need to pay attention to is: hand toward, no experience, may install the handle down, put his hand toward can be adjusted according to the actual situation.     Other price trends about three pole hand lock, the whole is relatively stable, with 20 yuan to 100 yuan /, interval for the mainstream, the quality is good, can use a few years time, high cost performance.
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