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Three smart products of the small dolphin debut in Hong Kong

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
On April 14, the four-day 2018 Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show ended successfully at the Hong Kong Asia International Expo. CCTV China preferred brand' The small dolphin is home to the latest research and development of smart doorbells, smart locks and other products, which are highly favored by customers at home and abroad'! At this exhibition, the little dolphin is in charge (Dophigo) With three products: smart audio doorbell with social function, smart visual doorbell and five-in-one door Bluetooth Smart Lock. Compared with other similar smart home products in the smart living exhibition area of the exhibition, these three products have shown obvious differentiation advantages in appearance, function and APP operation experience, it is favored by international buyers. According to reports, the intelligent audio doorbell of the small dolphin has creatively endowed the social function attribute of the intelligent doorbell. WiFi networking, smart phone APP remote response and two-way voice call have become the standard of smart doorbells. At present, the dolphin has creatively developed the group chat function and is unique in the field of smart doorbells. On the APP side of the small dolphin, each device can build a group, and the device acts as a group member to conduct group sessions with users and their families. The small dolphin-headed visual doorbell is born out of the audio doorbell, but it adds more than just visitor visualization'Function. It integrates the latest intelligent video scheme in the era of technical power, not only can realize 960P high-definition monitoring of abnormal conditions in the viewing field, but also has powerful humanoid detection and stay detection functions to greatly reduce the false alarm rate. Equipped with a 4:3 low illumination sensor, the vertical angle of view is larger, which fully guarantees that the owner can see the full color of the visitor regardless of day or night. In addition to greatly improving the response efficiency and accuracy of fingerprint, key, password and temporary password unlocking, the biggest highlight is Bluetooth unlocking. According to reports, Bluetooth connection can truly achieve 1 to 1, and does not need to connect to the network, the power consumption is lower, ensuring that the smart lock is safer, more stable and more reliable. At this exhibition, the three products mentioned above were favored by overseas buyers. The small dolphin is in charge of the booth, and international customers have stopped to consult the booth staff in detail, ask for experience and further understand the cooperation mode.
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