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Through which aspects can we see the ability of

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-02
Resolution is the interpretation of fingerprint reading head. The same as the camera pixel principle, the higher the pixel is, the clearer the image will be photographed; the higher the resolution of the fingerprint reading head is, the faster the response speed will be, the more accurate the identification will be, and the performance will be more stable; according to the industry standard of fingerprint lock, the resolution of the fingerprint reading head is 500dpi, which is lower than the resolution of the fingerprint reading head, so the accuracy and stability of the response speed identification cannot be guaranteed. A bottleneck in the development of fingerprint lock industry itself, the stability of the industry's overall products and industry standards are difficult to control The development of Zhangjiang fingerprint lock has been basically mature, but the level of various manufacturers in the industry is uneven, and the industry lacks a unified implementation standard, which leads to the basic evaluation standard of product quality. 2. Fingerprint lock manufacturers over publicize fingerprint lock products, failing to live up to the expectations of consumers. Now many fingerprint lock manufacturers for brand publicity and promotion of products, for the functionality of products Be able to exaggerate and boast with after-sales service. For example, the ten-year warranty and other extravagant advertisements leave too high expectations for consumers. When the consumer's purchase experience finds that the two-year service has failed to change color, the huge gap caused consumers to lose their trust and confidence in fingerprint lock products. The confusion of the three industries and online channels make consumers be alert to the whole industry that fingerprint lock industry is in the early stage of development, and the industry has not yet formed a stable pattern. Many people realize that there is an opportunity in this promising industry, so fingerprint lock industry continues to have capital injection. The bad thing is that a lot of these capitals just want to take the opportunity to make a quick profit, invest in a small factory and start a model, and make a lot of hype in rootless base. With the help of crowd funding e-commerce and other new ways to harvest consumers, they can get a handful and leave. That's why hundreds of fingerprint lock brands have changed frequently in the market in recent years. However, there is no guarantee for the quality and after-sales of these products. It is not only the consumers who suffer from the loss, but also the fingerprint lock manufacturers who are dedicated to making products in the fingerprint lock industry. Because in such a mess, consumers are wary of the whole industry, and the difficulty for regular manufacturers to open up the market increases.
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