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Tianyu lock and Tianyu lock quick opening tools

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-20
Tianyu lock is produced in Wenzhou. It is one of the more famous locks in China. It is an automatic lock. The automatic lock means that when the door is closed, it can be automatically closed, and the anti-theft performance is relatively high. There are two dark magnets under the Tianyu lock. There are 12 beads on all sides. Tianyu lock can be said to be a myth of unlocking, but the number of people studying it finally came out with a Tianyu lock quick-opening tool, and this myth was shattered. Use Tianyu lock quick opening tool, insert the tool directly into the bottom of the lock, twist, you can open the lock, simple and fast, the original lock is very good, but Tianyu lock unlocking tool comes out, basically a big drop in price.
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