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Tin foil unlocking method to open the security door in seconds, cloud vision smart cat eyes build a home safety wall!

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-16
In recent years, with the rapid development of the smart home industry, more and more smart home products are gradually applied to the families of ordinary users, and new lifestyles are sought after by young people who like new things, home safety has improved significantly. Perhaps some people put the focus of family anti-theft on anti-theft door locks. It is understood that the door locks on the market are also uneven, and more than 50% users in many old communities are still using Class A lock cylinders. However, with the continuous development of unlocking technology, the safety of Class A lock cylinder is reduced. The author personally experiences the opening of the security door in a few seconds, which is easy for criminals! Compared with the-class lock cylinder, the complex structure of the B- class lock cylinder seems to be very safe' Recently, more criminals have passed the tin foil unlocking method' The new technology opens the door lock, and now the role of the security door seems to be more fragile. Yifu' When it comes to security, yunshitong intelligent cat's eye is the first line of defense for the family. Adding a yunshitong intelligent cat's eye K1 to the security door can solve the problem of home security. What is this cloud vision smart cat eye K1? It is understood that this is a smart home product created by the Zhongwei century yunshitong team. The equipment consists of two parts: the body and the cat head. The body has a 5-inch high-definition large screen, which subverts the traditional cat's eye, it is very convenient to watch; The cat head is made of industrial grade zinc alloy material, and the unique fixed structure completely solves the safety hazard of the traditional cat's eye, and is solid and practical. At the same time, it has the function of a doorbell, and the unique inner concave surface forms a perfect curvature for a comfortable touch. Yunshitong intelligent cat's eye, eighteen martial arts' All kinds of people are proficient in many theft cases during the day when no one is at home. When criminals have a chance, they can act recklessly. Mobile Internet developed today, how can we sit still? Connect yunshitong smart cat's eye with wifi at home, and you can check the situation outside the door at any time wherever you are. Functionally speaking, yunshitong intelligent cat's eye K1 has 18 classes of martial arts proficiency. It has powerful motion detection alarm function, with high-definition night vision, 140 ° The large wide angle can effectively monitor the wind outside the door. If someone stays at the door for more than 3 seconds, it will trigger the intelligent detection alarm function of yunshitong intelligent cat's eye. If you stay for more than 30 seconds, the cat's eye will play voice friends, you have been staying at my door for more than 30 seconds. Is there anything I can do for you? ' In order to scare off the uninvited visitors, the device will automatically capture high-definition images to trigger the mobile phone alarm, and retain video evidence. Yunshitong intelligent cat's eye uses a humanized intelligent algorithm to prevent alarm push from being reported or omitted, thus minimizing power consumption. If there is no one in the home, if there is a visitor, the 5F fast response function unique to yunshitong smart cat's eye can push the information to the user's mobile phone in real time, and connect with the visitor for two-way intercom with one key and one second, it's so convenient! It is worth mentioning that the unique weather forecast function of yunshitong smart cat's eye brings great convenience to life. Imagine the moment you open the door in the morning, you don't have to take out your mobile phone to refresh the weather in a hurry, not only is it easy to save time, but it feels intimate and has a good feeling. Compared with other brands of smart cat's eye, which requires TF cards to extract video data, yunshitong smart cat's eye has built-in 8G storage and can store up to 1600 videos or 8000 pictures without purchasing another TF card, full automatic loop coverage greatly improves the user experience. A good smart cat's eye does add a lot to Family Safety, and yunshitong smart cat's eye collects a variety of black technologies' In one, the connection is fast, safe and stable, and it is a well-deserved family security guard. Interested netizens can buy on e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, Taobao and Jingdong.
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