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To build wisdom campus? NBIOT intelligent lock as the number one choice

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-08
Face recognition application system was recorded, dormitory intelligent management, teaching system, energy-saving energy-saving regulatory platform & # 8230; … In hot at present, the concept of wisdom campus school how to take advantage of an opportunity for logistics management, to provide better services, many schools in a wait state. For the campus, creating wisdom campus needs a proper opportunity. But for now, skynet NBIOT smart locks, and other smart door lock brands have launched campus smart door locks, with intelligent gesture, stir the door lock market pattern in colleges and universities, make more schools can also join the wisdom campus, enjoy the wisdom of campus safety and convenience. According to the latest statistics, in 2018 2879 colleges and universities in China, every school calculated at 5000 room, office, and then calculate in high school, junior high school, the whole market scale in the tens of billions of dollars. Door lock market from the current colleges and universities, the traditional college dormitories are adopting mechanical locks, dormitory member management of a large number of lock key, when meet students lost keys need to find from a large number of key corresponding to the spare key of door lock is very troublesome. But with the wisdom campus is put forward, the national intelligence wind, a growing number of colleges and universities to realize intelligence is a kind of trend, various colleges and universities, the move in that case, our campus smart door lock and a large market space. NB smart lock principle, because it has low power consumption, stable security, connection, strong coverage features, such as power supply is simple, convenient application and university dormitory door lock management gradually. Everyone knows that the door lock is numerous, NBIOT smart door locks, as a representative of the lowest power consumption of the network locks greatly save the resources, and because of its strong coverage and large network connection, can monitor to the hundreds of thousands of devices using a state. Use NBIOT intelligent networking lock construction cost can be minimized, you just need to install the door to door, without any line in the layout and network, can realize remote monitoring, statistical analysis and data display, etc. University personnel fluidity big, management personnel cannot control the door. After using NBIOT intelligent networking door lock, as the door locks are controlled by the background, convenience is not only the students, more is to enable managers to know students' dynamic real-time through students' credit card data, can be analyzed students belong to the bedroom and have without exception occurs. In addition, the old school, new students enrolled every year, no longer need to one by one to collect keys or to replace the lock, just need to authorization list out of the management software, new authorization list again can. Smart door lock in colleges and universities has become an inevitable trend, more and more schools will from wait-and-see state to an open state to accept smart door lock. Has released locks enterprise information, according to the product on the market since 2016, the overall revenue reached 50 million yuan. The 985 colleges and universities for the construction of central south university campus networking door lock system, have access to more than 1. 30000 the smart door locks, covering 50000 students. In the Internet age, wisdom campus is the inevitable trend, and smart door lock is wisdom entry-level products of the campus, university is not necessarily the wisdom of the installation of a full range of campus system, but the installation of intelligent door locks to ensure the safety and convenience or very be necessary, it also accord with the basic needs of the present efficient management. University dormitory door lock is intelligent networking era progress, the constant innovation of science and technology development to make our lives become more intelligent and convenient, we want to keep up with the trend of the development of continuously, so as to solve the different needs of different period.
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